Administration Of Stage 3 Diphtheria Injections To Children Aged 4 Years?

Illustration of Administration Of Stage 3 Diphtheria Injections To Children Aged 4 Years?
Illustration: Administration Of Stage 3 Diphtheria Injections To Children Aged 4 Years?

.. I want to ask. R n My son is 4 years old he did not follow the first stage of diphtheria nd second. But being told to follow the third diphtheria is allowed? ”I asked the doctor, yes, but he said it was okay,” but I was still in doubt.

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Currently, the government is implementing the diphtheria outbreak response immunization (ORI) program to reduce diphtheria cases that are spreading again. This program is carried out by administering the diphtheria vaccine to every population aged 1 to 19 who lives in the outbreak area, regardless of their previous immunization status. This vaccine is administered 3 times, with a distance of at least 1 month (between the first and second vaccines) and 6 months (between the second and third vaccines). In general, the vaccine content given at each of these stages is the same.

It needs to be clarified, why didn't you involve your child in the first and second diphtheria vaccines beforehand? Is there any particular obstacle he experienced?

If there is no absolute contraindication for your child to get the diphtheria vaccine (for example because of a history of severe allergies to vaccine components or also a history of congenital severe immune system deficits), then you should enroll your child in the diphtheria ORI program. Diphtheria vaccine can protect your child very effectively from diphtheria. This disease, in its early stages, often appears mild, which only shows symptoms such as minor respiratory infections. However, if the sufferer's immune system is less than optimal, and this disease does not receive adequate treatment, it is not impossible for dangerous complications, even life threatening.

It doesn't matter if you haven't previously enrolled your child in the 1st and 2nd stages of diphtheria vaccines. You can still enroll him in the 3rd vaccine (at this time). However, to optimize protection, you should still complete your child's immunization status, namely by giving your child the vaccine back 1 month after their current immunization schedule (2nd vaccine), and continued with 6 months after the 2nd vaccine is given (2nd vaccine). -3). For that, you can check your child directly to the doctor or nearest health facility.

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