Adverse Effects Of Seizures In Newborns?

Illustration of Adverse Effects Of Seizures In Newborns?
Illustration: Adverse Effects Of Seizures In Newborns?

Good evening, my child is only 1 month old. And he was just born with jaundice and his bilirubin has reached 22. My child has seizures because of his hilerbilirubin. Had been hospitalized 2x because of jaundice and seizures. His jaundice had improved but the seizures continued until he was 1 month old. I had CT SCAN and there were no abnormalities only the impression of “cerebral edema” and the EEG test revealed abnormalities or epilepsy. The seizures were frequent, but they only occurred with each sleep. Whether it’s a nap day or night, if you sleep too soundly, the spasms will react again. I’ve had time to see a pediatric neurologist, given oral phenobarbital drugs. R n r nMy question is, can seizures in babies under one month cause abnormal development? Or development delays? R nPlease inform. Thanks.

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Hello, Dewaayunia, thank you for asking

Seizures in newborns can be caused by many possibilities, such as lack of oxygen at birth, infection, metabolic disorders, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels), electrolyte disorders, epilepsy, or congenital disorders. To determine the cause requires a detailed examination and supporting examinations such as blood tests, head CT scans, EEG, etc. Consult the pediatric neurologist about what abnormalities are happening to your child.

Epilepsy is an electrical disorder of the brain that can cause recurrent seizures 2 or more times without a cause. Seizures caused by epilepsy in children have a variety of characteristics, making it difficult to determine their future possibilities. Some of the influencing factors are age, response to epilepsy treatment, and EEG results.

Some of the complications / complications that can occur in children with epilepsy or recurrent seizures are:

1. Cognitive disorders, children become slower in receiving lessons than their peers.

2. Psychiatric disorders, such as feeling disorders, anxiety, and ADHD.

3. Behavioral and social disorders, such as difficulty socializing.

When a child is diagnosed with epilepsy, the following things must be considered to prevent severity and reduce the risk of complications:

1. Routine control and see a doctor as directed. The doctor will check the child's condition and development. In addition, monitoring of drug side effects will also be carried out. The doctor will determine the increase and decrease the dose.

2. Take medication regularly, do not be late because it can increase the chance of recurrent seizures. We recommend that you provide the drug a few days before the drug runs out. Do not stop or change the dose / drug without the doctor's knowledge.

3. Control the development and growth regularly. If there is a deviation, the doctor will notify you and an integrated therapy will be carried out to support its growth and development.

4. Identify the factors that often trigger seizures and avoid them. For example, forgetting to take medication, lack of sleep, too bright light, etc.

5. Support from family and people around it is very important to assist the treatment and smooth growth and development of children.

6. If the child often has seizures while sleeping, it should be monitored closely so that the pillow / bolster / blanket / sleeping position covers the airway because it can be fatal.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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