After 2 Years After Caesarean Section?

Illustration of After 2 Years After Caesarean Section?
Illustration: After 2 Years After Caesarean Section?

At night, I gave birth by Caesarean section, and now my menstruation has not been completed for 20 days and the bleeding is more than usual, up to 2 sanitary napkins 1 day change 5 times, is that normal or not? While my child is 23 months old, please explain, thank you

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Menstrual conditions for more than 7 days with heavy bleeding like what you are experiencing are called menorrhagia. Menorrhagia can be caused by various possibilities, the following are some of them:

Anovulation cycle, which is a condition in which the ovaries do not release eggs (ovum) during ovulation. Use of hormonal contraceptives or IUDs. Hormonal disorders such as excess body weight, disorders of the thyroid gland, diabetes, PCOS Disorders of the uterus such as adenomyosis (growth of endometrial tissue into the uterine muscle) , uterine myoma, uterine polyps Cancer of the reproductive tract Blood clotting disorders Menorrhagia is a condition that is not normal and can be dangerous if left untreated, especially if the blood that comes out is very much like you are experiencing. Therefore, you should immediately check with your obstetrician for further tests, for example blood tests, ultrasound, hormone tests, etc. Therapy that can be given is therapy with drugs first, or if the bleeding does not stop with drug administration, more invasive procedures such as curettage, embolization of the uterine arteries, ablation and resection of the endometrial lining can be performed, or if this is not possible, it can also be recommended. performed hysterectomy or removal of the uterus.

We recommend that you do not delay this examination to an obstetrician because the bleeding you are experiencing has been going on for up to 20 days and the bleeding is very heavy.

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