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Evening. nI want to ask.nI was on 28-03-2018nThe first checkup was dated 04-04-2018nAfter checking.nHe said the stitching was good.nBut I have an allergy in the bandage.nThen I didn’t put the bandage on again. nMy question. nWouldn’t there be a problem when taking a shower later?nThank you.n

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Hi Pitamanyu,

Thank you for asking

It needs to be clarified beforehand, what is a plaster allergy? What are the allergy symptoms like? Have you consulted your doctor during the check-up? So, what is your doctor's advice?

After undergoing a cesarean section, the external wound from the surgery will generally dry up and close within 1 to 4 weeks. To help optimize this healing process, on the outside, doctors will generally cover the wound with sterile gauze and then glue it with a plaster to prevent the wound from being contaminated with harmful foreign particles that can hinder the healing process.

However, sometimes, some people have excessive sensitivity when in contact with the plaster. As a result, several complaints can appear, ranging from mild, namely itching or redness, to more severe ones, such as blistering, swelling, peeling, watery, and even festering skin. Depending on what kind of allergic manifestations you are experiencing, this condition can be treated differently.

If the wound has closed properly, leaving the wound open may have minimal risk of harm. However, if your wound has not healed completely, then leaving it open can cause your wound to become infected. As a result, wound healing can be hampered. This condition can also be exacerbated by excessive exposure to moisture, for example when you take a shower and your wound is exposed to water.

Therefore, the best step that is important for you to do right now is to consult directly with the obstetrician who treats you. The doctor will evaluate the severity of the allergic manifestations that appear and determine the appropriate treatment. If necessary, the doctor will glue your wound wrap using an alternative adhesive that has a lower risk of causing an allergic reaction. At this time, you should make sure your surgical wound is always clean and dry.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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