After Circumcision The Baby’s Penis Is Swollen For 2 Months?

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After getting circumcision or circumcision surgery procedures, the penis will usually swell, especially in the circumcision line and at the bottom of the head of the penis. This swelling will get bigger or worse in a few days after surgery and will gradually improve afterwards. Most of the swelling will improve within a period of 1 month, and improve in total up to 6 months after surgery. Basically there is no significant difference in the healing process between children under 1 year or adults.

But if after 2 months the swelling in the penis gets bigger, there are no signs of improvement of the swelling, the swelling is very painful and warm when pressed, the swelling is accompanied by greenish yellow or pus, accompanied by bleeding, you should consult a doctor for further treatment and to consult about the process of healing circumcision.

Hopefully this information can be useful and hope your child gets better soon.


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