After Eating Durian, Can You Eat Curry Noodles?

Illustration of After Eating Durian, Can You Eat Curry Noodles?
Illustration: After Eating Durian, Can You Eat Curry Noodles?

After eating durian, can you eat curry noodles?

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Durian is a fruit that has quite a lot of fans. Durian fruit can be consumed by anyone as long as it is sufficient and not excessive. However, if you have complaints in your stomach, you should reduce your consumption of durian, and for diabetics, you should first discuss it with an internal medicine doctor or a clinical nutritionist regarding durian consumption.

Regarding the consumption of durian and then curry noodles, so far there has been no research that mentions the negative effects of eating durian and curry noodles together. However, durian and noodles both have quite high calories. Therefore, you should consume both in moderation. Better to vary the daily diet so that the body's nutrition is fulfilled.

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