After Filling, The Teeth Often Hurt?

Illustration of After Filling, The Teeth Often Hurt?
Illustration: After Filling, The Teeth Often Hurt?

greetings, I want to ask before my tooth has a big hole … but I don’t feel aching or sore teeth, but my parents suggested that I fill the cavity … finally I decided to fill the cavity … but after underwent a “tooth filling stage for 2-3 weeks … finally my teeth were successfully filled … but after about ” one month my teeth felt aching that bothered me … and after that I often felt pain in the teeth the filling … and not only that, the gum above the tooth that was filled had a lump or swelling that was never normal like gums in general … what should you do? how to handle it??? thank you

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Post-filling pain associated with filling is possible, although rare. This can be due to the following factors:

Inflammation of the gums due to incompatibility with the chemicals used for tooth filling The removal of partially or completely inadequately filled fillings Stimulation of the nerves of the teeth due to the filling process Infection of the tooth / gum that is filled as a complication of dental filling. In addition, the pain you feel may actually be unrelated to the action of filling your teeth, for example due to a hole on the other side of the tooth that was not filled, gum infection / tooth infection, excessive stimulation of the nerves that innervate the jaw (trigeminal neuralgia), tooth pain due to being pushed by other teeth (eg in the case of impacted teeth.

To ensure the exact cause, you should check with your dentist to be seen directly. If the cause is known, you will be given treatment according to the underlying cause.

Meanwhile, some things you can do to improve the condition and maintain healthy teeth and mouth are:

Brush your teeth regularly after eating and before bed. Also use dental floss to clean between your teeth. Rinse with antiseptic to prevent possible infections of the teeth and mouth Consume 2 liters of water per day Avoid consuming sweet foods, cigarettes, alcohol To reduce pain, you can take over-the-counter pain medications such as paracetamol and do cold compresses on the side of the sore tooth.


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