After Giving Birth Sc

Illustration of After Giving Birth Sc
Illustration: After Giving Birth Sc

Doc ,, I have done 2x childbirth sc, and the boundary between my first child and my second child is only 1 and a half years. now it’s been 4 years after I gave birth to Sc. But my lower back pain always feels. I don’t know what this is but it feels really painful doc, just doing ordinary activities. It feels really hard for me to do ,, first a month ago I only did ablution ‘with a standing and bent position, suddenly my back back felt like I wanted to break up, it was hard, and after I was under keturut massage Not at all influential and the pain remained the same ,, but after that within 2 weeks I rest the pain was gone by myself, Now my back feels very painful again, even though I did nothing … That must what do I do and what medicine is good for consumption Doc ??

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Hello Rerey,

Thank you for the question.

Very low back pain can occur related to the cesarean delivery process that you have lived before, or not. This lower back pain, if the intensity is very severe, or appears accompanied by other more severe complaints, such as tingling / numbness / weakness / paralysis of the limbs, difficulty controlling bowel movements, stiff neck, high fever, etc., should not be underestimated. Immediately consult your doctor or neurologist to be given the right treatment according to the underlying cause.

The emergence of low back pain can be caused by a tumor or an infection that urges nerves in the spine, lordosis, scolisosis, nucleus pulposus herniation, spondylosis, stones or kidney infections, pelvic inflammation, side effects of anesthesia or surgery, post-injury, fibromyalgia, malnutrition, endometriosis , myoma, ovarian cysts, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, psychological disorders, and so on.

It is better if you no longer carelessly massage the painful area. Concerned, this action could actually worsen the condition of the damaged and painful tissue. Safer, independently treat your low back pain by:

Warm compresses or ice packs on the affected area
Apply a pain reliever cream in the area
Regularly exercising, especially to stretch the spine that is tense due to pain, for example yoga, swimming, floor gymnastics
Do not lift heavy loads, bend over, run around, or go up and down stairs excessively
Expand the rest, support your spinal area with a towel roll so that the curvature is as it should be. Choose a sleeping pad that is comfortable, flat, not too soft, and not too hard
Live a healthy lifestyle and diet (especially containing rich vitamin B complex)
Don't stress too much
Maintain your ideal body weight

Hope this helps ...

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