After Pulling Out The Pen On The Left Arm?

Illustration of After Pulling Out The Pen On The Left Arm?
Illustration: After Pulling Out The Pen On The Left Arm?

happy evening. r nonday, 08 0ktober 2018 I performed a pen removal operation on my left arm. r npreviously after waking up from the anesthesia, the hand where the stitches had bled a lot. after that, it was handled by the on duty doctor at the hospital by changing the bandage and bandaging it with high elastic bandage. r n according to the nurse’s explanation, this bandage must be tightened in the area where the blood came out. r n my question: r n1. ? because I feel my blood flow is not working, and my fingers are swollen. r n2. there is a burning and itching feeling in the bandage. r n3. Is it okay if my hand continues to move using the help of the other hand, I move it to get a more comfortable position. r n4. what should I consume for faster healing? and are there any dietary restrictions or restrictions for my hands? r n5. How long does it take to lift a heavier load? r n6. I have a history of keloids, every time there is a keloid wound, so to overcome this, what medicine do I need to use so that the keloid does not grow. r n r n Sorry, it is very wordy. r nand thank you for the answer.

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Hello Avies, thanks for the question for

I will try to answer your questions one by one

Is it okay if the bandage is too strong?

Your bandage is strengthened to stop the bleeding from occurring. Usually this will be done only temporarily until your bleeding stops. If you feel your fingers are getting swollen especially if there is a discoloration on the tips of your fingers or you feel tingling and pain in your hands, you should immediately call the nurse (if you are currently being treated) or consult your doctor again. These symptoms can occur because the dressing that is too strong and for too long blocks the flow of blood in your hand. If left untreated, this can actually interfere with the healing of your wounds and can be harmful to your hands.

Stinging and itching on the bandage?

Itching is quite normal to feel on the part of the skin that is bandaged. Pain is also normal to feel over the sutured area. If you feel excessive itching or pain in other parts of the skin (not in the stitched part), you should call your doctor again for further evaluation. Bandages that are too tight can also cause these symptoms.

Is it okay to move your hands?

You can move your hands as long as the movement is not excessive enough to cause the stitches to open again. Moving your hands a little at a time is recommended so that blood circulation remains smooth.

Foods that can be consumed and cannot be consumed?

To help heal stitches you consume more protein (for example from meat, eggs, tofu, and nuts), vitamin C (for example from fruits, especially oranges, vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower), vitamins A (for example from dark green vegetables, fortified juice or milk, liver organs such as beef liver or chicken liver), zinc (for example from red meat, seafood), vitamin E (for example from nuts and seeds).

There are no specific dietary restrictions, but you should avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Also avoid smoking as research shows that smoking can interfere with wound healing.

How long can it take to lift heavy objects?

In general, a broken bone will heal in 3-4 months. After this 3-4 months, you are allowed to start lifting heavy objects gradually (slowly). After the pen lifting, you will be asked to wait a few weeks for the bone to fill in the section attached to the pen so that it is strong enough before you start lifting heavy weights. You will be advised to do physiotherapy. The doctor who performs physiotherapy on you will suggest exercises that you can do at home to help with healing as well as gradual weight lifting.

How to deal with keloids?

You can apply a skin moisturizer to the area of ​​the stitch marks regularly and use a silicone patch or silicone gel to prevent keloids from growing.

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