After Recovering From Fever For 2 Days Now, I Keep Cold Sweat, Does My Typhus Recur?

Hello … I want to ask. I am 20 years old, I have a history of typhus. Yesterday the fever was already 2 days later I was medicated and had recovered but now the cold sweat continues. The word dokterny can’t eat sour, sour and spicy. But now the head is still a little dizzy, lemes body and if you eat it is still a bit bitter. Did my type recur again ??

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Hi Arif,

Fever is a condition where the body temperature exceeds 38 degrees Celsius. If you have a fever that has been felt for 2 days, you need to study more about the fever you are experiencing. Measurements are needed using a thermometer to record daily body temperature so that you get accurate data, how the fever pattern you experience, what is the highest body temperature, and whether there are other symptoms that accompany.

Typhoid fever itself is a disease caused by bacterial infection of Salmonella typhii, typhoid fever generally has a severe fever pattern in the afternoon / evening, and the highest temperature in the afternoon continues to increase from day to day. It also can be accompanied by additional symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting. Hygiene from food and beverage consumption is a risk factor.

To ensure the condition of typhoid fever, consultations with a doctor, anamnesis, physical examination, and laboratory tests can be carried out for the Widal test or TUBEX test.

If the fever lasts more than 3 days, unable to eat / drink, it is advisable to return to see a doctor for further examination, the possibility of blood tests will be done if needed. It can temporarily maintain the consumption of clean food and drinks, do not replace or stop taking drugs without doctor's instructions, or buy and consume drugs themselves without doctor's instructions.

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