After Shoulder Dislocation Can You Bring Your Own Vehicle (Motorcycle)?

Illustration of After Shoulder Dislocation Can You Bring Your Own Vehicle (Motorcycle)?
Illustration: After Shoulder Dislocation Can You Bring Your Own Vehicle (Motorcycle)?

Hello, My name is Diah, 23 years old. On March 1, I dislocated my shoulder and now my shoulder is in place (after going to the hospital). and the doctor at the hospital advised me to move my hands so that they could move normally like a hand without dislocation. but until now every time I raise it up, it just hurts a little, then when I try to hold the shoulder across my arm, it hurts or when I bend my arms, it hurts right away. but the rest don’t. I can write and type as usual, only getting tired when I use too many arms with dislocated shoulders. the question is with conditions like this, can I ride my own motorcycle? or should there be further treatment regarding the condition of my shoulder? thank you hopefully can be helped by all the doctors.

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Good morning Diah, thanks for asking at Shoulder dislocation is a condition where the bone structure that forms the shoulder joint shifts, it could be due to an accident, exercise, falling, and even electrocuted. In addition, other symptoms of pain, swelling, bruising and changes in the shape of the shoulder can be seen clearly in the presence of glass.

Regarding your question, your doctor may assess that you are in a recovery period, where you must actively move your joints so they are not stiff in one particular position. It might still be painful, but you also don't have to move your joints directly as flexibly as before. Move gradually little by little, and do not immediately give up if it feels painful.

As for riding a motorcycle, if your movements are still limited to pain as now, our advice is that you should not do it first. This is because there can be many events on the road that require quick reflexes, for example when avoiding potholes or making quick turns to avoid vehicles colliding in front. In this condition the reflexes could be blocked by the pain that you feel now, and instead actually endanger you.

So our advice is that you should focus more on doing simple movements at home as your doctor taught you, and help with recovery by compressing warm, taking anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory drugs regularly prescribed, and increasing consumption of high-protein foods such as eggs, milk, tempeh, sea ​​fish, beef, cheese and yogurt because protein helps the process of tissue recovery. Do not forget if the complaint does not improve, you should control your doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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