After Surgery For Breast Cancer, The Breast Must Be Removed?

Illustration of After Surgery For Breast Cancer, The Breast Must Be Removed?
Illustration: After Surgery For Breast Cancer, The Breast Must Be Removed?

Good evening, I want to ask My mother 2 weeks ago just finished breast surgery, he said this is the name of the disease invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2, after a week later after finishing surgery, required to check back to the doctor, and apparently the doctor said he had to lift the breast left of my mother because a lot of tissue remaining feared it will spread. So I have to lift my mother’s breast, can my mother recover after doing this breast removal surgery?

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Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer experienced by women. Cancer itself can be interpreted as excessive / abnormal cell growth. This can occur in various other organs in the human body. There are several things that can increase a person's risk of developing breast cancer, for example hormonal influences, family history of breast cancer, unhealthy healthy lifestyle, obesity, and so forth.

Invasive ductal carcinoma is a type of breast cancer that can be said to be malignant and can develop rapidly. This type of cancer is the type of breast cancer most women can experience. These cancer cells can spread to tissues around the breast and other organs.

Symptoms of this type of breast cancer for example:

Redness or swelling in the affected breast
Lump in the breast or the area around the armpit
Fluid from the nipple other than breast milk
Pain in the nipple or nipple is pulled inward
Wounds or other abnormalities on the breast skin.

Based on the severity, there are several levels of breast cancer. Assessment of this level serves to determine future disease predictions, treatment options for the disease, and so forth. Stage stage assessment of breast cancer itself is determined based on the size of the lump and its depth, lymph node involvement, and the spread of cancer cells to other organs. As for grade, seen from the different forms of cancer cells with normal breast cells and the speed of development. For grade 2, the development of cancer cells has been going fast.

For this reason, doctors ask for breast removal (to remove tumor tissue). After that, if it is true that the type of cancer suffered is invasive ductal carcinoma, the doctor will usually make plans for further control and management such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy (to ensure the cancer cells are completely resolved).

Thus, recovery from your mother's condition is closely related to the extent of the spread of cancer cells and further tests are needed (CT scan, PET scan, or other additional tests).

Keep your mother's health condition with adequate rest, pay attention to eating and drinking patterns, provide moral support and avoid conditions that trigger stress, and keep your mother from exposure to other diseases. Control routinely follow the instructions of your mother's doctor. Do not hesitate or be afraid to ask questions and discuss with your oncologist about the development of your mother's disease and the next steps for your mother to take.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope your mother gets better soon.


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