After Surgery?

Congratulations mlm, I was after surgery on a lump in the left breast is still small, it’s been 2 weeks, for example I want to apply for a job at PT. Does that affect you to make it fail to pass your MC? thanks

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your concern. Scar marks and suture thread will not be seen from the x-ray, because with the size and material, this will be difficult to detect by x-ray, especially if the yarn used is absorbed yarn. It's possible that the thread itself may already be out of your body. But even say it looks, this should not interfere with your goals.

Basically, each company or agency that requires an MCU has its own goals and assessments that are very likely to differ from one place to another depending on the job description or activities if they are accepted at the venue. For example, to enter the health sector, the MCU might include a color blind test, which is not important for some work, so it is not done. Another example for those who want to enter the TNI, one common component of the MCU is seeing whether they have varicose veins in the legs and hemorrhoids in the anus. This can be a problem because physical demands when received later can make their condition worse, so those who have this condition usually will not be immediately passed. But for those who want to apply as a secretary of course do not need this requirement.

In essence, we cannot be sure of what exactly is wanted by the institution where you are applying, because whether or not someone passes from the MCU is very dependent on the agency. However, judging from your case, as we said earlier, we can surmise that this should not interfere with your goals because the history of breast surgery should not limit someone from doing anything, so it should not become a ballast for your self-assessment. If you are then thwarted for health reasons, you may try to ask for clarification of what health points are frustrating you, so that you can further consult your doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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