After The Chapter Comes Out Reddish Black Liquid?

Illustration of After The Chapter Comes Out Reddish Black Liquid?
Illustration: After The Chapter Comes Out Reddish Black Liquid?

Hello, I’m a 17-year-old woman, I had a difficult Chapter, a few days after Chapter, a reddish-black fluid came out like blood but I didn’t feel the pain that happened about 3 times. After a few days after the chapter again my lower left abdomen was painful but no blood came out. What should I do and what happens? What is the solution, thank you.

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Difficulty defecating / constipation is also called constipation. Some causes of constipation include:

Lifestyle influences, namely lack of fibrous food, vegetables, fruit and fluids in the body.
Lack of movement / activity also triggers constipation.
Drug side effects, such as anti-pain, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic drugs, diuretics, antacids, calcium supplements, nutritional supplements, etc.
The habit of holding back bowel movements
Disorders of the digestive tract, especially the large intestine such as colon obstruction due to colon cancer, rectum cancer, colon polyps etc.
Nerve disorders that regulate excretion
Psychological disorders such as stress, depression, anxiety,

Blackish red blood can be caused by lacerations or tears in the anal wall or rectum when straining. Hard stools and strong push can trigger a tear or injury to the rectal wall / rectum so that this will trigger blood discharge. However, other possibilities that can cause blood to come out of the anus include abnormalities in the large intestine such as obstruction due to cancer / colon tumors, colon polyps or inflammation of the large intestine. Related to this, further investigation is needed.

Related to lower left abdominal pain can be caused by disorders of various body organs, including:

Disorders of the digestive tract include irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, diverculitis,
Disorders of the reproductive organs such as cysts, endometriosis, pregnancy, etc.
Disorders of the urinary system for example urinary tract infections

Symptoms in the digestive tract can be characterized by changes in bowel patterns. Not infrequently if found defecated BAB. Irritable bowel syndrome is a malfunction of the large intestine, whereas ulcerative colitis is caused by inflammation in the wall of the large intestine.
Then, urinary tract infections ranging from the kidneys to the lower urinary tract can also trigger pain. In addition, pain can also be triggered by disorders of the reproductive organs.
I suggest that you pay attention to the amount of fibrous food, and the portion of fruit vegetables that you consume. Drink plenty of water, and do sports / physical activity to stimulate the movement of the large intestine so that it triggers a bowel movement. In addition, do not often delay bowel movements.

It is also advisable to conduct an examination directly to the nearest doctor or a specialist in internal medicine for a complete evaluation. Tests such as blood tests, ultrasound, urine tests, abdominal X-ray, and endoscopy may be needed to assess the cause of the disease.
So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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