After Visiting Jakarta, You Might Get Corona Virus

Illustration of After Visiting Jakarta, You Might Get Corona Virus
Illustration: After Visiting Jakarta, You Might Get Corona Virus

I am 49 years old. A few days ago traveled to Jakarta by plane from Jogja. In Jakarta only one night and had a chance to meet with some relatives. At that time there was a cold. After the program was over I went home and lsg isolated myself. At the airport my temperature is 7.2. At Jogja airport my temperature is 6.2. Today is the 2nd day I do not interact / touch with my family either directly or through objects that I have been holding. Physical condition, there are no symptoms of shortness of breath whatsoever, coughing. But the eyelid feels heavy and the head is slightly dizzy. What causes the difference in our body temperature when tested at the airport? Is there a possibility that I will be exposed to the virus? How much longer do I have to isolate myself? Thank you

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Having a history of traveling in the last 14 days abroad or within the country that has been declared a local transmission area of ​​Covid-19, the business you are doing is generally very good, which is doing independent observations and self distancing or limiting interactions with people around you. If you have traveled a few days ago, then it is very likely that the Jakarta area you visited has been declared as a Covid-19 local transmission area in Indonesia (based on the Republic of Indonesia Ministry of Health), so this requires proper supervision by yourself and also the medical / doctor for further medical evaluation.

Related to Covid-19 infection, several symptoms and risk factors for infection can be an evaluation and indication of Covid-19 infection, namely:

 Cough / sore throat / runny nose Fever more than 38 degrees celsius There are no other medical conditions that are suspected of causing current pain complaints Shortness In the last 14 days of traveling to areas at risk of local transmission in Indonesia or abroad according to information from the Indonesian Ministry of Health In the last 14 days of contact with people suspected of being infected with Covid-19 or positive Covid-19 Some other symptoms also become an evaluation and attention independently and also medical staff, such as digestive disorders / diarrhea, muscle pain, headaches or chills However, in the early detection and suppression of general symptoms for the evaluation of Corona Covid-19 infection are the 6 symptom points and risk factors above, for other symptoms will be an additional evaluation related to the clinical development of patients with Corona Virus infection. Other complaints are still under evaluation and research by experts. Therefore, for now, you can evaluate these 6 symptoms and risk factors, if you feel and experience these 6 things, the risk of Corona virus infection is increasing. You can do a self-screening at the following link.

If it is related to the risks and symptoms that you are feeling right now, then the risk factors are travel to the local transmission area (Jakarta), contact history is unknown; fever complaints more than 38 degrees celsiu are absent, complaints of cough are absent, complaints of tightness are absent; thus, the results of your evaluation of your suspected Covid-19 infection are small. Complaints of heavy eyelids and dizziness may be triggered by your physical fatigue, lack of sleep or because of the anxiety that you are feeling right now. So that your physical recovery and stamina are needed to help increase your endurance.

Although there are no symptoms or signs that support Covid-19 infection, you should continue your business and some other efforts, such as:

 Stay at home or in your room during the incubation period, which is 2-14 days as recommended by the Ministry of Health. Keep your pesonal hygiene consistently, wash your hands, wear masks. Distinguish the use of your cutlery with other family members. Wash dirty clothes in different areas and times with members. other families Avoid traveling or gathering activities You can take paracetamol at the recommended dosage (As long as there is no history of drug allergy) to reduce dizziness or communicate online (temporarily under current conditions) with your family doctor to help you recover when in 2-14 the day your condition gets better, or the complaint does not progress to the symptoms of Covid -19 infection (6 above) after 7 days of your silence, then you can socialize with family members, but still try to do some of the above prevention until the next 14 days Give an understanding to all family members Avoid using cellphones, k computer or TV for too long to prevent eye fatigue Avoid sleeping late at night Get enough water, healthy food and fresh food Avoid spicy foods, oily foods and foods that increase cough complaints However, if in 2-14 days after you travel, and during your doing distancing social efforts, complaints of coughs and fever of more than 38 degrees celsius begin to appear, it is necessary for you to consult with the hospital and / or conduct a Corona virus screening test rapid test according to applicable standards. Symptoms that are increasingly risky are the symptoms of tightness that accompany stones and fever. Continuing the evaluation and observation independently will help the recovery and prevention process.

Related to the difference in the temperature of the inspection that was carried out while you were at the airport, this condition could be related to the difference of the previous activity, the temperature of the environment around you that influenced the thermoregulator of the body and the condition of your equipment as well as the physical condition in general. So that in general this was normal. If your temperature is consistent at 38 degrees Celsius, this requires special attention.

Thus the info we can convey.

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