After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

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at Morning,rnrnPlease advise and advise, I had surgery for tooth extraction 37-38 on Wednesday 14 February, I was bleeding for two days and then it stopped. Then, just this morning (Tuesday 20 February) I suddenly woke up and when I realized that my mouth was full of blood. Indeed, during the operation the doctor said that my wound was infected and there was a tooth cyst. I went straight to the hospital and the doctor on duty gave me kalnex. What should I do today. Info please. thanks

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Wisdom teeth that grow in an inappropriate position, such as oblique, transverse, or overlapping with other tooth structures can indeed cause various complaints, not only pain, but also swelling, or even the growth of abscesses (pus-filled sacs) and cysts (fluid-filled sacs). ). All of these complaints arise due to an inflammatory reaction (inflammation) in the gums and the surrounding tissue area. In more severe conditions, patients can even experience stiffness in the jaw, fever, or spread of infection to other organs that are far away.

To overcome all these conditions, doctors need to perform surgery to remove the tooth that is the focus of the problem. This operation is certainly not without risk. However, this risk is much lighter than the risk that may arise if the inflamed wisdom tooth is left untreated.

After wisdom tooth removal surgery, healing can take 1 to 3 days. Furthermore, patients are still required to abstain from certain types of food or drink. However, generally, the bleeding has stopped in less than 3 x 24 hours. The presence of infection or cysts can hinder this healing process. In addition, there are several other conditions that can hinder healing after wisdom tooth surgery, including blood clotting disorders, immune system disorders (eg due to diabetes, long-term steroid consumption, HIV/AIDS), and so on.

The drug that the doctor gave (kalnex) contains an active ingredient that is useful in stopping bleeding. However, if the root of the problem has not been resolved (i.e. infection and the cyst), it is not impossible that the bleeding will recur. Therefore, the right step that you need to take right now is to go directly to an oral surgeon to get further treatment.

Meanwhile, do the following tips first:

Take medicine according to the doctor's advice Bite a cotton roll at the surgical site to stop bleeding Gargle with salt water regularly to clean the mouth of blood Drink plenty of water First eat soft foods and don't need to chew too much Don't smoke Stay calm, don't panic Get enough rest

Wisdom tooth surgery

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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