Age Limit For Children To Drink Breast Milk?

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son, I’m 2 years old and 3 months old, but I can’t stop breastfeeding at all, I’ve tried not to give him breast milk but he’s sick, his stomach is ringing so I give him more breast milk, while people say that if the child is 2 years old, it’s not good if it’s still in the womb. love breast milk, is my breast milk content now dangerous for my child? While my milk production is still a lot, what is the age limit for children who can still consume breast milk?

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WHO (world health organization) recommends exclusive breastfeeding (mother's milk) to infants aged 0 to 6 months, then continued with the addition of complementary foods (ASI) until the age of 2 years. This recommendation was made with various considerations, including:

The baby's digestive system is still sensitive so that it has the potential to cause digestive disorders and also nutritional disorders if the food is too cold
Breast milk contains components that are very good in maintaining immunity, so breastfeeding a baby can help prevent dangerous infections
Foster emotional closeness between baby and mother
Help speed up mothers in post-delivery recovery, and so on

However, breastfeeding longer is not something that is forbidden to do. By breastfeeding longer, the baby can get more immunity from breast milk. However, in fact, at the age of over 2 years, the various benefits of breastfeeding above can be replaced by providing a nutritionally balanced diet. Therefore, breastfeeding is no longer a major factor. Most psychologists actually argue that weaning children at the age of 2 years has a positive impact on children's independence compared to children who are weaned longer. In addition, breastfeeding too much breast milk at this age can make the baby full longer so that his appetite will decrease. This of course can affect nutritional intake and growth later.

Therefore, learn to start weaning your child. Do it with love and still pay attention to the readiness of the baby. There is no specific rule that babies MUST stop breastfeeding when they are exactly 2 years old. Each baby certainly has a different readiness. You can consult directly with a pediatrician for more details.

In the meantime, try the following tips:

Feed your child at regular times 3 times a day
Give children healthy snacks in between meals (eg fruit, juice, vegetables, non-MSG cookies)
Give your child enough to drink, you can use a glass, straw, or cupfeeder to make it easier for him to drink
Frequently invite the child to speak slowly to start reducing the frequency of breastfeeding, because he is starting to grow up and needs to practice independently
There is no need to force the child, especially to lie to the child (for example by applying certain substances so that the child no longer wants to breastfeed directly from the nipple)

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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