Alcohol Use.?

Illustration of Alcohol Use.?
Illustration: Alcohol Use.?

Hello Good morning dok. Sorry for disturbing the time for a bit. Introduce my name Apri. Want to ask questions related to alcohol use. So this is how my friends used to consume alcohol. He said in September 2019 decided to stop and will not repeat again. Now the question that I ask here is, Does a person who has consumed a lot of alcohol or a little amount can potentially relapse again in the future or not? Thanks

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Hello Apriyani,

Thank you for your question.

Alcohol basically has an opiate effect, where if someone already consumes alcohol intensely then the alcohol makes chemical changes in the brain. Which will give the effect of feeling satisfied when drinking alcohol. If alcohol consumption stops, then a sense of dissatisfaction will appear, thus making people who stop returning to consume alcohol.

There are several factors that can memepengarihi someone back to consume alcohol, including psychological and social factors. The psychological factor in question is usually stress. While social factors such as the environment that drives to consume these substances again.

To find out someone is addicted to alcohol or not, it is necessary to be examined by a psychiatrist. This is related to signs, symptoms, and behavior. When someone tries to stop being addicted to a substance, then usually a substance withdrawal symptoms will arise, such as: sleep disturbance, trembling, anxiety, nausea, sweating, palpitations, hallucinations to seizures.

Therefore, if you are worried that your friend consumes alcohol again, then your role to provide support and enthusiasm to stop is needed. Be with your friend, and always support if there is something that makes your friend down. Or invite your friends to consult a doctor to conduct behavior change therapy.

May be useful. Always healthy 😊

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