Allergic Rhinitis?

Illustration of Allergic Rhinitis?
Illustration: Allergic Rhinitis?

Hello doctor:) nA month ago I went to the ENT-KL doctor to check my nose which was often blocked in the right hole. After being examined it turned out that my nasal bones were bent, because when I checked my nose was blocked so the doctor prescribed nasal sprays, cetirizen, tremenza. During 2 weeks of treatment, my nose improved quite well, even though it never became blocked again. The next week as well as now, I totally stopped the treatment. As a result, my rhinitis recurred. Should I return to the initial treatment, considering that the use of nasal sprays should not exceed 2 weeks.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at There are several things that cause nasal congestion, including the following:

Nasal irritation due to air pollution or cigarette smoke
Viral infection

Sinusitis or inflammation of the sinus cavities
Crooked nasal bones

In your case, even though the reason is clear and you also already know the treatment that you feel is effective, don't use these drugs because there is also a condition called medical rhinitis, where someone actually experiences symptoms of a cold, runny nose, congestion, etc. using these drugs.

So our advice, you should go back to your doctor, and if indeed your treatment is the same, at least it comes from your doctor and on his supervision based on an evaluation of your past and present condition. Because indeed, for nasal congestion due to crookedness, as long as the condition is still the same, the possibility of recurrence is high.

Meanwhile, you should try more natural ways to get rid of nasal congestion, such as inhaling warm water vapor, consuming more fluids, taking a warm shower, washing your face with a warm towel and washing your nose with salt water. Get well soon.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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