Allergic Rhinitis

Illustration of Allergic Rhinitis
Illustration: Allergic Rhinitis

Doc, I have allergic rhinitis, so I runny nose every day. The doctor said before I was allergic to cold temperatures so it was recommended not to drink cold drinks. Can also be caused by cold weather. Lately, I sneeze, then my nose is blocked and smells bad. Is this sinusitis? Or indeed caused by my allergy?

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Allergic rhinitis can indeed be caused by various triggers such as dust, pollen, and weather. Money allergic rhinitis not handled properly can cause complications one of which is sinusitis / sinus inflammation that can be caused by a bacterial infection. Symptoms that can arise in the usitis one of which is to smell an unpleasant odor or in a medical condition called dysosmia.

Apart from sinusitis, dysosmia can also occur in dental and mouth infections, respiratory infections, stress, nerve disorders, and so on. Therefore, to find out whether the dysosmia you are experiencing is a complication of your rhinitis or because of other causes it is necessary to have an examination by a doctor. That way the treatment will be directed and appropriate.

For this reason, what you can do right now is maintain your teeth and mouth hygiene, manage stress well, and avoid consuming foods that smell bad.

So, hopefully answering your question.

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