Allergies Accompanied By Itching All Over The Body?

I am 44 years old and only 4 months old, it started with sinusitis then coughing and itching all over my body that didn’t go away. I have been to various doctors in the ENT and allergic hospital but they only gave antibiotics. If I take antibiotics or medicine I will get better temporarily but if I don’t take the medicine I will develop allergic coughs or itching every night which makes it difficult for me to sleep. If I take antihistamine drugs the symptoms will lessen. What happened to me and how to cure this symptom. I was tortured every night because I was bothered by coughing and itching. I always wear a nose mask because I am allergic to dust mites from the blood test results for my allergic condition. Please help and answer. Thank you in advance

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Hi Yani,

Thank you for asking

It is true, coughing with itching all over the body can be caused by allergies. This condition occurs when your body over responds to the ingress of substances that are considered harmful by the body, but are not. As a result, many inflammatory mediators will be released, one of which is histamine, which can cause an increase in mucus production in the respiratory tract and also triggers itching in the skin.

This allergy is closely related to genetic factors (heredity) that cause a person to have a tendency to atopic compared to other people. This condition can manifest in 3 main disease spectrums, namely allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma (which can cause coughing), and atopic dermatitis (which can cause skin itching).

Until now, there is no definitive cure for allergies. The most appropriate treatment to deal with this allergy is to avoid the trigger of the allergy. If your allergy symptoms appear more frequently at night, then it is possible that your allergy is triggered by exposure to cold temperatures or dust mites that are on your bedding. Therefore, avoid the two triggers in the following ways:

Wear warm clothes
Take a shower with warm water
If necessary, apply a warm oil on your body
Avoid using air conditioners and fans that are too cold
Use a nose mask
Avoid using cotton bedding
Do regular vacuuming of mites on your bedding and furniture
Drink lots of warm water, you can also add honey, lemon, or ginger
Expand also eat foods rich in vitamin C
Avoid consuming drugs or foods that are prone to trigger allergies, for example seafood, egg yolks
Don't stress too much
Exercise regularly
Shower more regularly and wear clean clothes
Apply calamine lotion on the itchy skin

Allergy symptoms can be reduced by taking anti-allergic drugs. However, this drug is not curative, but only relieves symptoms. If you are exposed to allergies again, the complaints can always recur and recur. Therefore, the main key to managing allergies is not taking drugs, but avoiding allergens.

If you have done the above steps to the maximum, the complaints do not improve, we recommend that you go back to an internal medicine specialist and / or a skin specialist. The doctor can carry out further evaluations to identify other possible causes of cough and itching, for example:

Causes of cough: acute respiratory infections, gastric acid reflux, tuberculosis, chronic bronchitis, side effects of drugs, other viral or bacterial infections
Causes of itching: skin infections, irritation, contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis, and so on

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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