Allow Exercise After Appendectomy?

Illustration of Allow Exercise After Appendectomy?
Illustration: Allow Exercise After Appendectomy?

After an appendectomy for only 2 weeks, can I do morning exercises?

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An inflamed appendix or appendix can cause intense pain which is felt especially in the lower right side of the stomach. This condition can be an emergency where immediate action is needed, one of which is removal of the appendix through a surgical procedure.

Appendix surgery itself, there are various kinds of techniques where each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages, besides that the healing time can also be different besides being influenced by other factors. In appendectomy with complications or rupture of the inflamed intestine or inflammation of the abdominal tissue or peritonitis, surgery is often performed using laparotomy or open surgery techniques which will cause larger wounds and a relatively longer healing process, if without complications it can be done appendectomy through keyhole or laparoscopic techniques where the resulting wound is minimal so wound healing is faster. In addition, there are other factors that affect healing, such as other factors suffered from other diseases, postoperative wound care, nutrition and other factors.

If the operation has been carried out, several things need to be done so that the healing can run well, namely by doing regular wound care, eating nutritious foods to help heal wounds, and doing physical activity in stages which still limit strenuous physical activity or physical activity with more complex movements. In addition, it is also necessary to take drugs recommended by doctors and periodic controls. For morning exercise itself, if the movements are complex and heavy enough, it should be avoided and can be replaced with exercises with lighter movements gradually.

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