Allow Long Trips During Typhus Treatment?

Illustration of Allow Long Trips During Typhus Treatment?
Illustration: Allow Long Trips During Typhus Treatment?

Morning, I have been on typhus treatment. I was diagnosed with typhus after the blood test results with the Tubex system stated that I was typhus positive (grade4). I have never had a fever so far. For other typhus symptoms such as changes in bowel movements, muscle aches, weakness, dizziness , heartburn (heartburn), I feel it. My question, can I go on a trip back and forth? indeed the doctor advised me to check the condition after a week of outpatient treatment (I refuse hospitalization). I myself now feel all the symptoms of typhus that have been reduced. I never have a fever. But heartburn (stomach ulcers) and dizziness sometimes still appear. Please input, because I’m very confused about what to do before

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Typhus is a disease condition caused by a bacterial infection of Salmonella typhii. Typhus can also be referred to as typhoid or typhoid fever. Someone can get typhus through consumption of contaminated food or drink, generally consuming food that is not hygienic in the processing process.

When experiencing typhus, a person can experience symptoms of fever which generally will increase gradually, generally experienced more severe in the evening, headaches, muscle aches, look weak, heartburn, abdominal pain, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, weight loss, easier sweating, rashes on the skin, to complications such as bleeding in the intestine or intestine that has perforation / hole.

In typhus diagnosis, history taking is needed regarding the history of the disease, physical examination and supporting examinations such as a complete blood test, Widal examination or TUBEX examination. When the diagnosis is erect, treatment for typhus can be treated with inpatient or outpatient care. This consideration is determined by your condition by the doctor after the examination. One of the main treatment modalities for typhus is antibiotics that aim to overcome the bacterial infection of Salmonella typhii.

It is recommended to re-control the doctor related to treatment according to the schedule, avoid the consumption of food or drink snacks, as far as possible make sure the food consumed is cooked alone so that the processing is hygienic, avoid consuming or stopping medication alone without doctor's instructions. If you really want to go home, you can do an early consultation with your doctor regarding your treatment for the appropriate treatment.

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