Almost 2 Weeks Cough Associated With TB Disease?

Illustration of Almost 2 Weeks Cough Associated With TB Disease?
Illustration: Almost 2 Weeks Cough Associated With TB Disease?

night, I want to ask one I have coughed for almost 2 weeks even though I have been taking cough medicine and only 2 days recently I started coughing with phlegm. what are the symptoms of TB? thanks

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Hi vincent,

Thank you for asking

Not always, a cough that doesn't go away is caused by TB (tuberculosis, TB). A cough that doesn't heal can also occur due to a variety of other causes, for example:

Allergies, such as from dust, cold, pollen Irritations, such as from inhalation of smoke or other chemicals Rhinosinusitis (inflammation of the nasal cavity and sinuses) Tonsillopharyngitis (inflammation of the throat and tonsils) Pneumonia (inflammation of the lung parenchyma, often due to infection or aspiration) Bronchitis ( bronchial inflammation, usually due to infection or smoking) Asthma bronchiale (asthma) Congestive heart failure (heart pump disorder that causes blood to accumulate around the lungs and heart) Acid reflux (for example, which occurs in people with GERD) Malignancy, such as nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer Immune system disorders, for example due to HIV side effects of drugs, etc. TB usually not only causes the sufferer to experience a cough, but also excess phlegm production (often accompanied by blood), fever and excessive sweating that does not go away, sufficient weight loss drastic, weakness, fatigue, chest pain, swollen lymph nodes clear (usually in the neck and armpit area), and so on.

Determining a diagnosis of TB or other possible causes of cough needs to be done by examining a doctor directly. Several supporting tests can also be done to confirm the diagnosis, for example with sputum tests, blood tests, X-rays, endoscopy, and so on. Therefore, you should no longer refrain from going directly to a doctor or an internal medicine specialist.

In order for the cough to subside, what you should do is:

Drink lots of warm water Avoid excessive consumption of cold food or drinks, greasy, spicy foods, or those containing artificial sweeteners and pulp Increase intake of fruit and vegetables that are watery and rich in vitamin C, for example guava, lemon, longan, strawberry Use a nose mask so that harmful substances are not inhaled into the airways No smoking No screaming excessively Routine exercise and adequate rest Hope it helps yes ..

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