Already Menstruating After Miscarriage?

Illustration of Already Menstruating After Miscarriage?
Illustration: Already Menstruating After Miscarriage? Bing

at night, I want to just miscarry on December 4 yesterday, got my first period on January 18-30, and it’s already menstruation again on February 7, is that normal?

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It needs to be clarified, have you ever consulted an obstetrician after a miscarriage? Did your doctor prescribe medication or suggest you have a curettage?

Menstruation that is too close (less than 21 days) after a miscarriage can be a sign that the hormonal conditions in your body are still not balanced. In addition, if the bleeding that appears is still quite a lot, then this condition may also indicate that your uterus is not clean after a miscarriage. Hormonal imbalances due to stress, fatigue, side effects of drugs, or even a not-so-ideal weight can also affect it.

To distinguish them, doctors need to evaluate through ultrasound examination. Therefore, you can immediately consult a gynecologist. Especially if your period is accompanied by excessive bleeding, or if you have an unpleasant-smelling mucus. In rare conditions, it could also be that the remaining tissue that has not been cleaned after a miscarriage triggers an infection that leads to pelvic inflammation. This condition certainly requires special medical treatment.

However, if the bleeding you are experiencing is normal (no more than 10 pads a day) and there are no other complaints, then your condition is probably not dangerous. You can live a healthy lifestyle, starting from eating lots of vegetables and fruit, getting regular rest, managing stress well, and getting more exercise to help keep your periods running more regularly.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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