Already Through The HPL But There Are No Signs Of Giving Birth?

Illustration of Already Through The HPL But There Are No Signs Of Giving Birth?
Illustration: Already Through The HPL But There Are No Signs Of Giving Birth?

Sorry for disturbing me tonight … I Flafia wanted to ask about the birth process, I was last mens on June 1, 2018. The results of the local doctor’s ultrasound on 5 March 2019 I gave birth to him … but this was already over the specified date why, yes, please help. Thank you thank you.

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Hello Flafia, thank you for asking.

Estimated date of birth, also known as estimated delivery, is calculated by the doctor using data on the date of the first day of last menstruation combined with the results of an ultrasound examination. As the name suggests, this date is 'estimate', only an estimate. That is, not always 100% of babies will be born on that date. There are babies born right on the estimated date of delivery, there are babies born before, and there are also babies born afterwards.

The birth process certainly depends on many things. Generally in a normal pregnancy, if the fetus is mature, the body will normally enter the labor process. Mature gestational age is 38-40 weeks. That is, someone is said to give birth to a mature baby in the event of labor in those weeks.

You did not mention your current pregnancy, but as long as you are not over 40 weeks pregnant, you can still wait. If after 40 weeks there are still no signs of childbirth, then you should contact the treating doctor. The doctor will assess the condition of the mother and fetus. If no fetal emergencies are found and the mother's condition is healthy, then the doctor may recommend induction. If there is a condition of fetal distress or other conditions that are not good, then maybe the doctor will suggest a cesarean section.

You can try to stimulate the birth process by moving a lot (for example walking) or doing a lot of daily activities. Do not take any herbs that are not recommended by the doctor because there is a risk of bleeding and fetal death.

Thus a brief description that I can convey, may be useful for you. Regards.

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