Always Choking After Eating And Drinking?

Illustration of Always Choking After Eating And Drinking?
Illustration: Always Choking After Eating And Drinking?

I want to ask … Why if I eat or drink I always choke … Finally I have difficulty breathing … My chest is very tight …. Almost every time I eat I choke …

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Hello Roli Pasaribu,

Choking occurs when there is foreign matter (both on and liquid) that enters the respiratory tract not into the digestive tract when swallowing. Coughing is the body's response to expel these foreign objects. Disturbances in the process of swallowing or dysphagia can cause frequent complaints of choking.

Symptoms of dysphagia include:

Cough or choke every time you eat or drink
Food is out again
There is a feeling of a lump in the esophagus or chest
Saliva dripping continuously
Sounds like gargling while eating or drinking
The voice became hoarse

In severe cases, dysphagia can cause significant weight loss. Dysphagia can be caused due to muscle abnormalities in the oropharyngeal area or in the esophageal region. Some diseases that can cause dysphagia are:

Parkinson's disease.
Multiple sclerosis.
Cancer of the esophagus, head or neck.
Muscle tension in the lower esophagus.
Narrowing of the lower esophagus due to the formation of scar tissue, for example after radiotherapy.
Esophageal swelling or narrowing due to inflammation or GERD disease.
There are objects that clog the esophagus or throat.

If choking complaints appear at every meal and other symptoms arise, consult your doctor. Handling of dysphagia cases includes drug therapy, physiotherapy for swallowing, and modification of food types. Patients are advised to stop smoking, stop drinking alcoholic beverages, avoid drinking coffee. It is better to avoid foods with thick consistency that are difficult to swallow or foods that are too sweet / sour which leaves a sensation of stickiness in the esophagus. Portions, food consistency and size of food when fed should be adjusted to make it easier to swallow. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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