Always Feeling Anxious, Afraid And Depressed.?

Illustration of Always Feeling Anxious, Afraid And Depressed.?
Illustration: Always Feeling Anxious, Afraid And Depressed.?

Congratulations ready, I want to ask right now I am still in high school and I follow one extracurricular there I feel depressed, it starts from me mentally mentored me and after that I feel anxious afraid of being depressed and feel like going out until now what is also including depression and if it’s depressed, please ask for a solution …

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Hello NA Jib, thank you for asking

Everyone has negative emotions or positive feelings of sadness, anxiety, and stress are negative emotions. These feelings are reasonable feelings that occur when you are faced with a problem that is quite important. But if anxiety and distress arise without a clear cause then it needs to be reviewed again.

And if you feel depressed, anxious and afraid that is not always depression. What is meant by depression is a mood disorder or mood that tends to deep sadness and a sense of not caring. This sadness is also a normal and normal feeling experienced by someone occasionally. However, it will be declared depressed, if it has been 2 weeks feeling sad, hopeless, or worthless. Here are some signs or characteristics of a person experiencing depression, namely:

Experiencing excessive anxiety and worry More sensitive Feeling hopeless, hopeless, feeling useless Always feeling tired and feeling powerless Dizziness and pain without obvious causes Decreased appetite Sleep disturbance leads to sleep, or lack of sleep Decreases performance due to feeling tired The condition or situation you are experiencing can also be caused by stress. Where stress is the body's reaction that appears when someone faces a threat, pressure, or a change. Stress is often triggered by problems in the family, work, social relationships, or financial problems. In this case your extracurricular activities may trigger these feelings.

Stress is usually difficult to avoid, but stress needs to be managed properly so as not to cause physical and psychological health problems. In addition, stress needs to be managed properly so that daily activities are not disrupted.

Here are some steps you can take to help reduce that stress, namely:

Exercise regularly Limiting consumption of caffeinated drinks Avoiding alcohol consumption Getting enough sleep Rest for a while, for example by taking a vacation or spending time with your loved ones such as family and friends. Doing activities such as yoga, meditation and so on. Meditation can help you calm your mind. Conducting activities that are pleasing to your heart But if your condition cannot be handled by yourself or it makes you more anxious so that it disrupts activities, disrupts your learning achievements, and disturbs your social relationships with others you can consult them further to the nearest psychologist or psychiatrist .

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