Always Feeling Anxious Like Fainting?

Illustration of Always Feeling Anxious Like Fainting?
Illustration: Always Feeling Anxious Like Fainting?

Hello doctor, my name is Dwi. I am 17 years old. I would like to ask my doctor about my condition. Is this a phobia or a disease? So this is it, I used to faint very often. Lately I always feel anxiety like I want to pass out when I am in a crowded and crowded place and also stand too long like during a ceremony. Symptoms when in these circumstances suddenly my head feels dizzy, breathing becomes irregular, trembling, and weak. please answer, thank you.

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Your complaint can be caused by not eating, which causes you to experience hypoglycemia. However, it can also be related to psychiatric or psychological disorders below, namely:

1. Agoraphobia, i.e. fear that arises excessively and is irrational when in an open or crowded place or public place.
2. Comprehensive anxiety disorder, where anxiety complaints can arise due to trivial things.
3. Panic attacks, namely symptoms of panic that arise for no apparent reason.
4. Social phobia, namely excessive and irrational fear when communicating with others, so that sufferers tend to confine themselves at home.
This condition is triggered due to excessive stress. Someone who has a psychological disorder, generally has a history of unpleasant events, such as almost drowning, had experienced harassment in public places, had experienced a traffic accident and other traumatic events.
This condition can last from mild to severe which can interfere with daily life. If allowed to drag on can cause a person to experience depression. For this reason, you should consult with a psychiatrist. The doctor will conduct a related examination. If needed you will undergo a drug check. Taking illegal drugs can damage the brain of the emotional regulator so it can cause the user to experience what you are experiencing. Later the doctor will provide the necessary psychiatric drugs, such as antianxietas. In addition, you will be guided through psychotherapy, which is cognitive behavioral therapy.
Through cognitive behavioral therapy, the doctor will guide you to think positively about situations that cause complaints. The doctor will provide a gradual stimulus to you while looking at your mental response. When symptoms appear, the doctor will guide you to calm down and think positive. It is expected that with positive thoughts, positive attitudes and feelings emerge in dealing with unpleasant situations and conditions.
When an attack arises, you can get used to relaxing the mind by taking a deep breath and then exhaling slowly through your mouth while closing your eyes and imagining a beautiful and pleasant life. You can also do this during your busy schedule.
Thus hopefully useful.

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