Always Feeling Anxious To The Point Of Being Uneasy And Suspicious Of Others?

Illustration of Always Feeling Anxious To The Point Of Being Uneasy And Suspicious Of Others?
Illustration: Always Feeling Anxious To The Point Of Being Uneasy And Suspicious Of Others?

Doctor, why do I always feel anxious, restless for no reason, always tremble in public, and always suspicious of people, because when I speak I forget what I want to talk about, and why I am always uncomfortable interacting with people, I always feel afraid but don’t know what am I afraid of, sometimes I suddenly feel sad but I don’t know what I was sad about when I was 18 years old, I had acute insomnia for 6 months, so I could sleep once a week .. Before I was not so but since I sat on my bench always being bullied by friends and teachers, and my parents are too demanding of me to be what they want to be .. I am happy to get along and be hyperactive since it happened a long time ago my life changed I confused me why, I always worry about the future and become a person who sensitive .. I’ve been to a psychiatrist but the doctor didn’t say anything to me why cm was given medicine and the medicine didn’t help, finally I stopped taking treatment because of menur Aren’t I petrified? Can the doctor explain me why?

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Hi Ywpiano,

Thank you for asking

Trauma due to frequent bullying or pressure from family and closest people can cause someone to experience obstacles in establishing social relationships with others. This condition can underlie your complaints that often feel anxious, anxious, trembling, easy to forget, afraid, or excessive sadness when in public. As a result of this, you will tend to think negatively on people and the environment around you, because they feel they are being observed, valued, or sought for mistakes, when in fact they are not. This excessive anxiety can also cause you to have trouble falling asleep, or can also appear various other physical complaints, such as nausea, tightness, chest pain, headache, dizziness, weakness, palpitations, and so on.

Not always a set of symptoms occur due to psychiatric disorders. However, if there is a serious intensity, this condition could indicate that you have a psychiatric disorder, for example due to social phobia, excessive anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorder, personality disorder, and so on.

The steps you took previously were appropriate, namely by checking yourself directly to a psychiatric specialist (psychiatrist) to be evaluated in more depth at the same time given the right treatment related to your complaint. However, if after undergoing the treatment you feel that you are not making significant progress, you should not let your complaints drag on until it causes you to have difficulty in your normal activities in your life. Go back to your doctor so that the doctor can give you the best treatment, for example by giving drugs, psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, group therapy, and so on.

Naturally, handling complaints such as yours is not done by focusing on the administration of drugs. First, you need to realize that the actions you have taken so far are not appropriate and can have a negative impact on you and those around you. Therefore, try to resolve your complaint with the following steps:

Make your bad experiences in the past as motivation, not just obstacles in your success. Cultivate positive thinking, not only in other people, but also in your own potential and everything that happens in your life. Expand your relationships, identify various types of people's personalities, and learn to adapt to the new environment Realize that not everything that happens in this world must be according to our plan. But rest assured, that God's plan is the best. Live your activities as well as possible, without expecting any appreciation from anyone. Continue to explore your potential, and make it a proud achievement Prove to people who have bullied you and also your family who sue you, that you are far more valuable than just their expectations. to other people, as you want to be treated Choose a good social friend, and remind you of the goodness Live a healthy lifestyle in your daily life Hope it helps huh ..

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