Always Practice Singing Using Diaphragm Techniques

Illustration of Always Practice Singing Using Diaphragm Techniques
Illustration: Always Practice Singing Using Diaphragm Techniques

good afternoon doc, I want to ask about health, this doc I often practice breathing, eating kencur, ginger, and avoiding fried foods to maintain sound quality, but I am still accustomed to cigarettes, will it be fatal if I am still actively smoking? considering I am also active in vocal pull training which sometimes makes my throat hurt, can it be caused by smoking? thanks doc

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Hello Krisna, thank you for consulting us on the web.

In general, many lay people understand the dangers of smoking to health, including the airways including the vocal cords located in the larynx in the throat. Cigarettes with all carcinogenic substances (cancer-triggering substances) can cause various health problems ranging from:

Laryngitis / vocal cord irritation
Excess mucus production
Sore throat
Throat cancer

From the various conditions above, symptoms will generally appear such as hoarseness, rough voice, pain in the neck area, sore throat, vocal fatigue, a lump in the throat and weakness in the ability to sing.

We can only advise you to stop smoking. We understand that breaking up from cigarettes is not easy for those who are addicted to cigarettes. However, some health agencies including hospitals have services to facilitate active smokers to stop smoking.

In addition you can do smoking cessation therapy at home as follows:

Manage your stress well, because generally active smokers often smoke cigarettes because they want to relax the mind to the stress that is being experienced. You can vent to other positive things like listening to music, doing massage, yoga or even doing your favorite sport.
Avoid triggers or factors / habits that can make you go back to smoking such as hanging out with friends who are active smokers, drinking coffee and even liquor.
Involve family, close friends or even your spouse in the process of stopping smoking, ask them to support you and remind you to keep the situation more conducive.
Perform a healthy lifestyle in your daily life by eating healthy foods and starting to do sports activities that can release happy hormones from the brain.
Think about your benefits from stopping smoking, including doing your physical exercise better and better quality.
Keep trying and don't give up easily. Failure does not mean you are not able to successfully escape from cigarettes, consider failure, including the process and your journey to success to quit smoking.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful.

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