Always Stained With Blood During Intercourse?

Illustration of Always Stained With Blood During Intercourse?
Illustration: Always Stained With Blood During Intercourse?

I want to ask, I am a woman aged 23 years, I am already married, why is it that lately I have been having a husband and wife relationship, always having blood spots? r nPreviously I never had blood spots. r nWhat is the danger?

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Hi Fauziah,

Bleeding during intercourse is a common condition experienced by women and is not always a dangerous condition. However, if the bleeding you experience often occurs, then it is best if this condition is monitored and checked by a doctor so that the cause can be traced and treated appropriately.

Various possible causes of bleeding during intercourse include:

Due to friction during intercourse
Lack of natural vaginal lubrication
Dry vagina
The presence of sores on the genitals due to sexually transmitted infections (such as genital herpes or syphilis)
Thinning of the vaginal walls (vaginal atrophy)
Inflammation or polyps in the cervix / cervix
Pelvic inflammation
Cervical cancer

If the bleeding you experience recurs frequently, you should consult your gynecologist so that it can be checked further. Supporting tests such as blood tests, ultrasound, or pap smears may be recommended by the doctor if needed to analyze the cause further. From the results of this examination, the doctor will be able to determine the right treatment for you according to the underlying cause.

In the meantime, here are suggestions that you can do:

When having sex do enough foreplay
If you feel uncomfortable during sex, you should communicate with your partner
Get enough rest and minimize stress
If bleeding still occurs, you should postpone intercourse

Related information can be read on the following page:

The cause of vaginal bleeding after intercourse

May be useful,

dr. Muliani Sukiman

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