Always Stressed When Having Sex With Her Husband?

Illustration of Always Stressed When Having Sex With Her Husband?
Illustration: Always Stressed When Having Sex With Her Husband?

What should I do? Every husband invites my relationship to always be stressed. I have been married for two months. And Until Now I Have Not Succeeded in Intimate Relationship (not penetrating yet) every time I want to penetrate, I am always tense and afraid. and the husband immediately angry because it failed. after that he gave an idea by inserting an object first (using eggplant) -_- I obeyed, but after I wanted to put it in, I felt fear again. so my passion disappears. and the husband is always upset if I refuse and back down immediately. what should I do? I want to make my husband happy. because I know that the needs that must be met especially for married couples. help please. thank you

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The thing that you have to fight and control is your own fear when having sex. By understanding the causes of fear that you feel, then you are able to control it. In addition, try to understand and understand that sex until reaching a climax is the goal and need of each partner, especially in men.
Indeed many similar cases are found, where a woman feels afraid when having sex with her husband even for the umpteenth time. In fact, when a woman is increasingly afraid and worried, the vagina will become tense and the liquid lubricant / lubricant will be reduced so that penile penetration will be difficult to do into the vaginal opening.
Therefore, knowing and understanding the causes of fear and anxiety that you feel is very important. Generally that feeling arises when women think of pain when it appears during sexual intercourse / have a mindset that sexual relations are painful, trauma after experiencing sexual harassment, insecurity, are experiencing stress due to external factors or have problems with partners, sexual relations that forced and various other factors.
The thing to do is to control your own fears. But if the complaints are getting annoying, then don't hesitate to ask for help from the experts. To find out more about the problems you face that have an impact on the emergence of fear during sexual intercourse, I suggest that you make further consultations with a specialist in psychiatry or to a psychologist to get help in deciphering the problem and choosing appropriate management.
Thus the information that I can convey, hopefully helps

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