Always Yawn Like A Sleepy Person When In Cold Temperatures?

Illustration of Always Yawn Like A Sleepy Person When In Cold Temperatures?
Illustration: Always Yawn Like A Sleepy Person When In Cold Temperatures?

Noon, my name is Emily and I am 23 years old. I am a student as well as an employee in a private company. I want to ask about my condition. whenever I am in a place / room for example an air-conditioned room, in a room / place that is not air-conditioned but the temperature is so cold, take air-conditioned transportation / take a plane / ride a boat in the sea breeze, hiking, jogging / sports in the morning with cold air, soaking my feet / hands / taking a shower in cold water, when riding a motorbike during the rainy season, I always yawn several times like a sleepy person and accompanied by small spots such as goosebumps, fingers and toes turn blue, cold and wrinkled like people are too busy soaking even though I feel my condition is still fresh and my rest is quite enough but I don’t feel sleepy at all because of fatigue. I have experienced an incident when campus activities in the peak area if the temperature gets colder I will yawn non-stop while crying / like people crying and nosebleeds and finally I feel tired and cry because I keep yawning. until finally every time I was in a place / vehicle where the temperature or the air was cold I would use a mask and jacket all day long. Because of this condition, I became less confident and was refused work in several companies because when I was interviewing / working I always used a mask and a thick jacket when I entered the room because it was so cold. so that the leadership and work partners felt ill’feell and often reprimanded me for not wearing a mask and jacket for violating the code of ethics in wearing office uniforms. I’ve even been bullied and called “sick people” because of my appearance like that. I also have a history of low blood pressure. According to the doctor, I am allergic to cold or what are you experiencing? and beg me for a solution. I have often sought treatment and consulted what I experienced above, but many doctors said that my condition was normal. thank you

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Good morning Emily, thanks for asking at To answer your questions, we will describe them one by one. Starting from yawning. Yawning is a normal human activity. Even most animals with yawning vertebrae, such as dogs, cats, bears, and lions are examples. Although it is closely related to drowsiness, people can yawn even though they are not sleepy. This is why the 2011 'brain cooling' hypothesis emerged about why humans yawn.

When you yawn, there is a stretch in the jaw muscles which increases blood flow to the neck, face and head. This deep sigh when yawning causes blood to flow down the brain and spine, to be cooled by cold air inhaled through the mouth. So that the process of yawning is more or less analogous to a radiator that cools the brain thereby improving its work. Therefore, of course when it is in the cold, one will yawn more often. This has also been supported by research that the majority of people yawn more often when they are in cold air than in normal or warm air.

Then your next question might be if it is a normal thing, why do you yawn more often than other people in an environment with the same cold temperature.

Complaints of spots on the skin such as goosebumps, hands and feet turning blue and wrinkled are signs that refer to the normal condition of a person being cold. The spots originate from the tiny muscles beneath the skin that tighten to create warmth. The hands and feet have their color from the bloodstream, so when they turn blue, it is from the blood flow that focuses more on warming the vital organs when a person is cold, and less flow to the fingertips.

This means that your body is indeed easier to feel cold than the average person, and this can be caused by various things, such as:

Thyroid or hypothyroid organ problems Lower body proportions Estrogen levels in women Lack of body fat or thinness Not exercising regularly Lack of nutrition Stress, anxiety Lack of sleep

Tears when yawning are also a normal response and nosebleeds can occur when you are in an environment with low humidity and cold.

So in conclusion, you most likely yawn frequently because your body thinks the surrounding air is too cold, and your body thinks too easily of the surrounding air to be too cold due to one or more of the factors that we mentioned above. Because that's our advice, try to improve your lifestyle by eating more, exercising more often, avoiding stress and cigarette smoke, apart from wearing thick clothes. Then also try to be more confident and don't let your bad experience with cold air make you more anxious about dealing with cold air as this will make things worse. If your complaints persist and you have never previously performed a thyroid gland function test, consult an internal medicine doctor to check the function of your thyroid gland. So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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