Alzheimer’s In Children Aged 15 Years?

Illustration of Alzheimer’s In Children Aged 15 Years?
Illustration: Alzheimer’s In Children Aged 15 Years?

Hello so, lately I like not in the mood, then mood swings, and also like not connecting, the other, I like to forget what I just did, Am I affected by Alzheimer’s disease? I am only 15 years old. My name is Risma yanti ,,

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Hello. Thank you for the question submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

Alzheimer's dementia is the most common type of dementia. This disease is related to the accumulation of beta-amyloid protein in the brain. Symptoms of Alzheimer's dementia include short-term memory disturbances, often getting lost in an environment that is actually known / familiar, impaired concentration, impaired coordination of gestures. One of the main risk factors for Alzheimer's dementia is old age (over 60 years). Given that you are still 15 years old, most likely the problem you are experiencing is not caused by Alzheimer's dementia. Nevertheless, this still needs to be confirmed through history taking and direct physical examination by a doctor.

Your complaint does not rule out the possibility of a psychiatric-related problem that needs to be evaluated directly. It's just that, information about the history of the disease that is conveyed is still not specific so there are still many possible causes that need to be evaluated.

Therefore, we advise you to consult directly with a doctor or psychiatric specialist. Later the doctor will ask for a history of complaints that you feel as well as biopsychosocial factors related, do a physical examination, and supporting examinations if needed. Through this series of evaluation processes, appropriate assessments can be obtained and appropriate handling prepared.

Treatment for psychological problems related to your complaint can be supportive psychotherapy that can be combined with medication. Supportive psychotherapy can help patients manage stress, identify symptoms, and control themselves when complaints arise so that they are expected to be able to carry out their daily activities optimally. Medications that may be given also play a role in helping to overcome the disease.

As a suggestion, you are advised to be able to talk and tell the complaints felt to those closest to you who are trusted and believed to support therapy. Support from the people closest is very supportive of the success of therapy. Continue the activities that you enjoy doing so you can channel your feelings through positive things.

Thus information from us. May be useful.

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