Am I Affected By A Virus?

Illustration of Am I Affected By A Virus?
Illustration: Am I Affected By A Virus?

Good afternoon dock. I have a fever and there is a rash on my body. My complete blood test results are LED 27, Lekosit 3.3, Neutrophil stem 0, and quantitative CRP 15.45. The others are normal. For NS1 Dengue it is also negative. So I’m sick, doctor?

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LED is a continuation of blood sludge rate which is an examination that is used to assess the process of blood deposition. Can also be used to detect inflammation in the body, but also to assess the condition of anemia. So it can not be made a benchmark to assess the presence of inflammation. Normally the LED value is 0-15 mm / hour.

Leukocytes have a normal value of 4000-11000. Leukocytes are an important part of the body that functions to protect the body from infection. Decreased or low leukocytes can usually be caused by a viral infection that disrupts the work of the spinal cord. Neutrophil works to cure tissue damaged by infection. Stem Neutrophil means neutrophil that looks like the letter S or C, and has a value of 5-10%.

While CRP or C-reactive protein is used to see trade in the body. The normal CRP value is less than 10 mg / dl. If there is an increase it shows the presence of acute inflammation in the body preformance which is usually caused by a virus. NS1 is a check that is used to see a dengue virus infection or dengue fever that will appear positive on days 1 to 3.

Based on your explanation, you have an increase in LEDs, a decrease in leukocytes and neutropils, and an increase in CRP which indicates inflammation and infection. Strengthened by the presence of rashes and fever can lead to dengue fever. It's just that, it needs to be further tracked, how long you have a fever. If it has been long enough, it will lead to negative NS1 examination results or it is already in the body recovery stage.

Viral infection is a condition that can heal by itself, provided that with a good immune system and water consumption of more than 2 liters. Therefore, you can improve your lifestyle and take multivitamins to make the healing process faster.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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