Am I Affected By The Symptoms Of Corona Virus?

Illustration of Am I Affected By The Symptoms Of Corona Virus?
Illustration: Am I Affected By The Symptoms Of Corona Virus?

Last Saturday my body was hot and my head hurt, but only for 1 day. My throat also hurts when I swallow. Until now it still hurts when swallowing but has been reduced, and sometimes itchy throat. But I do not cough and runny nose, but only occasional cough due to itchy throat. Am I exposed to the symptoms of corona virus?

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Hello Ridwan,

Thank you for the question.

With the outbreak of covid-19 disease due to coronavirus infection it is increasingly worrying, but you don't need to panic. Common symptoms of this disease are the emergence of fever (body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius and is the most common symptom) and cough colds, which are common symptoms of upper respiratory tract infections, so there are still many other possible causes of your complaint , as:

 Sore throat. Tonsillitis. Inflammation of the vocal cords. Common cold. Influenza. You can visit the nearest doctor to check your condition. The doctor will do a history of complaints, physical examinations, and supporting examinations if needed, and based on the doctor's conclusions and the severity of symptoms, the doctor will provide treatments that are appropriate to your condition, such as providing relief drugs fever and throat pain reliever.

The following things you can do to reduce symptoms:

 Taking a fever reliever can also help soothe a sore throat, like paracetamol. Drink warm water to relieve throat. Avoid sugary and greasy foods / drinks such as fried foods and soft drinks. Sufficient nutrition and adequate fluids. Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters per day. Here are the things you can do to prevent covid-19 transmission:

 Wash your hands regularly and correctly with water and soap or sanitizer. Avoid touching the face with your hands. Doing a good and right coughing and sneezing ethic. Clean the furniture that is often used and the environment. Avoid going out and going to crowded places. Avoid direct contact with others or social distancing. Maintaining immunity, can by taking immune supplements. Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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