Am I Bipolar Disorder Or Not?

Illustration of Am I Bipolar Disorder Or Not?
Illustration: Am I Bipolar Disorder Or Not?

Not long ago I experienced a sad event. I experienced a breakup after my man took my honor. I do not know what to do, I do not tell parents about this. Because I was not capable enough to deal with their anger, I remained silent for 24 hours during the incident, and the next day around 1-3 days I only experienced nausea and uncontrolled mood changes. In my heart, I intend to come to his house and burn down his house or want to tell his father that his son has been harassing me. Imagining the events that I want to do, I feel happy as if I enjoy his suffering if his father knows if he did like that. The following day, I was called by my ex, and for 40 minutes, I felt trembling in my hands and feet that I could not stop. I immediately experienced a drastic mood change by insulting him over the phone and laughing at him. He was confused and did not know what to do. Then at the end of the call I changed with a cool head thinking and followed all my ex-girlfriend’s advice. What I feel today is increasingly tired, I feel every day and every hour my mood changes like waves that are not regular. What’s more there is a sense of fear and ringing by the talk that my ex didn’t say but as if the voice of my ex saying that. Because of that breakup too, I was very strong not to eat, drink, and be afraid of sleep. These feelings that change dramatically often come when I’m not ready to always maintain my common sense. Am I bipolar disorder or not? Then how and what should I do? thanks.

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Hello, thanks for asking.

Post-traumatic events, it is actually natural for some time to feel a change in mood and emotional fluctuations. Any type of trauma certainly causes a sense of disappointment, sadness, fear, anger, shame, and so on. This period lasts for a certain amount of time, sometimes several days, weeks or months. During this period there may be phases that may overlap, for example the phase of feeling sad and disappointed, the phase of self-blame, the angry phase, can also enter the forgiving phase. Not everyone experiences the same thing. The duration of mood and emotional changes is also very varied, depending on the psychological condition and character of a person, as well as the amount of trauma experienced.

Indeed, if only based on sudden and uncontrolled mood changes, as well as emotional changes that are opposite and changing, maybe your condition is similar to mood disorders such as bipolar disorder. You might also experience depression, panic attacks, or anxiety disorders. However, we cannot determine the diagnosis without conducting a direct examination. There are many criteria that must be met, before a person can be classified as bipolar disorder.

If you cannot share this problem with family or friends, you can ask for professional help such as a psychiatrist or psychologist. You can tell your problem sequentially and in detail. They will try to examine the root of your problem and find ways for you to overcome the problem. As much as possible seek help so that this problem is not buried yourself. Try to gradually focus on activities and positive people.

So little information that I can convey. Hopefully you can find the right solution. Regards.

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