Am I Borderline Personality Disorder?

Illustration of Am I Borderline Personality Disorder?
Illustration: Am I Borderline Personality Disorder?

Hello. I feel my life is useless, useless, I do not want to do any activities, I shut myself in my room and did not leave the house. I often tried to commit suicide many times by taking excessive medicine to dozens of seeds, and cut my pulse. Until you think about hanging yourself. I always feel sad, and sometimes want to get angry and scream. I often feel offended by what people say, but I don’t show it. Feeling very, very deep regret will be caused by others. I lost my appetite. I once hung out with the same sex to feel comfortable with the org. At that time my thoughts about it were wrong, but still I did. I felt that the people around me were just using me, I also hated my brothers. I was abused by my sister when I was little and I never told anyone … My dreams were snatched away and my time was wasted … What should I do ???

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Hello San,

Thank you for asking at

Some complaints that you feel can be caused by various possibilities. A thorough check needs to be done before a diagnosis is made. Concluding a diagnosis on its own without consulting a doctor is certainly something that isn't quite right.

Some things that cause your complaint include:

Mood disorders

Threshold personality disorder / boderline personality disorder

Medical interviews, physical examinations including mental status checks, and other additional checks need to be carried out, so that the possibility of a definite diagnosis can be known and planning for future management will be more precise and targeted. For this reason, you are strongly advised to consult immediately with a psychiatrist, especially if you have suicidal thoughts. But with the outbreak of cases of Corona infection, it helps you be careful when outside the house to consult.

For now, some things you can do are:

Focus your mind on the positive things
Do things that you enjoy
Get enough rest
Start opening up to tell stories with people you trust
Get closer to God

That's all, hope it helps. Stay healthy.

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