Am I Experiencing Psychological Trauma?

Illustration of Am I Experiencing Psychological Trauma?
Illustration: Am I Experiencing Psychological Trauma?

I want to ask doc. When I was a child several times I saw Kdrt at home directly, even I was also involved there (but I was not beaten / physically hurt). After remembering after that incident, I often blame myself and try to hurt myself several times, especially if you hear / there is a loud noise like people shouting / high-pitched or other sounds, I feel so excited that my heartbeat is beating fast it feels like I want to cry. When asked to discuss family, I immediately changed my mood, but I wanted to be angry, who wanted the events of that day and always avoided questions that would later discuss the past. Is that psychological trauma?

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Hello Rizki, Thank you for the question.
Do these symptoms occur frequently and are difficult to control and do they interfere with your daily activities? The existence of traumatic events in the past can indeed affect the way a person thinks and acts and one's psychological condition. In some people, unpleasant events in the past can cause mental health disorders. In these conditions, the sufferer usually experiences certain symptoms that are quite frequent, difficult to control or excessive, and interfere with daily activities. If it has caused a disturbance in your daily activities then these symptoms should be addressed further because generally to overcome them further medical treatment is needed. Some of the causes of the symptoms that you are experiencing are:

threshold personality disorder
anxiety disorder

Feel free to consult your psychiatrist / psychiatrist so that the doctor can conduct further questions and answers on you so you can better understand your condition. From this interview, the doctor will determine the treatment for you can be in the form of psychological therapy or medication.

You can also do the following suggestions:

while maintaining health by getting enough rest, consuming nutritious food, and consuming enough water
occupy yourself by doing activities that you like for example your hobbies
exercise regularly
try to tell a person closest to you
if symptoms begin to appear, you can try applying breathing relaxation techniques by taking a deep breath of the nose and exhaling slowly from the mouth, repeat a few clips until you are calmer
try to follow meditation or yoga
Hopefully this information helps you.

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