Am I Going To Become A Psychopath?

Illustration of Am I Going To Become A Psychopath?
Illustration: Am I Going To Become A Psychopath?

Ma’am doctor … I have insomnia … every day I am always depressed and stressed by the behavior of my parents who do not care about me and my friends who always bully me … so that I become depressed, dizzy always, hear strange whispers , and the stress that increases every day … so what are the reviews … and I won’t become a psychopath right?

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Hello, Selvi Agustiani, thank you for asking

Need to be understood beforehand, psychopath is one personality disorder that has the characteristics: do not have empathy, have a temperament that is difficult to predict, and anti-social. Anti-social here means the deviation of behavior where sufferers tend to ignore and violate the rights of others. The cause of a person's psychopathic personality is not known with certainty, but many psychopaths are found from a family background that is not harmonious. In addition, genetic factors and bad experiences in the past are also said to be influential. However, to detect whether someone has this disorder, it takes a series of examinations and detailed information, ranging from life history, psychological evaluation, psychological tests, personality tests, to examine other symptoms for mental health disorders.

According to your story, you are experiencing emotional distress that is quite heavy so that you have trouble sleeping, stress, to hear a whisper. Some possibilities that can lead to your condition are depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, to symptoms of psychosis (for example hearing a whisper that is not there). For what you are experiencing at the moment, it would not hurt if you consult a doctor or psychiatrist / psychiatrist to assess his mental health condition and be given the right solution.

You can gradually improve your mindset and feelings in the following ways:

1. Don't approach things that make you sad or don't like you.

2. Spend time on positive things, for example exercising, doing hobbies.

3. Share your problems with people you trust, friends, or doctors. If you don't like storytelling, you can overflow it by writing a diary.

4. Expand meditation, relaxation, and worship in accordance with the beliefs held.

5. If it doesn't improve, you should consult this doctor or psychiatrist.

Also read the article on "Mental Health" for tips and ways to achieve mental health. That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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