Am I Having Schizophrenia?

Illustration of Am I Having Schizophrenia?
Illustration: Am I Having Schizophrenia?

Hello I’m a 24-year-old teenager. 2 years ago I was working in a minimareket, which I felt when the customer entered the minimarket and looked at me as if he already recognized me, I guess I was famous everywhere, and when people spit as if he was insulting me I thought there were people who conspired to bring down or harm me. Does that include schizophrenia. Thank you in advance

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Hello. Thank you for the questions submitted to We can understand the concern you feel.

There are a number of possibilities that can cause complaints as you submit, including:

  Paranoid schizophrenia, a set of chronic / chronic psychotic symptoms characterized by disturbances in thought content (erroneous beliefs that contradict reality but cannot be altered logically)), thought processes (ideas that move and without relationships, word formation new words, etc.), perceptions (hallucinations of sounds / visions / smells, illusions, feeling the environment changes, feels himself changed), and / or emotions (moods are flat, dull, or mismatched) Schizoaffective, ie mental health disorders meet the diagnostic criteria of severe depressive episodes or manic episodes, and along with the fulfillment of the diagnostic criteria of schizophrenia. Severe depressive episodes with psychotic symptoms, namely mental health disorders characterized by mood symptoms of sadness, loss of interest and excitement, fatigue, activity decreased, impaired concentration of attention, withdrawal from association, decreased self-confidence, guilt, ideas for k self-injury or suicide, and hallucinations and / or delusions; has resulted in the inability to carry out work or social activities; lasts for at least 2 weeks It should be understood that the diagnosis of psychiatric problems can only be made through direct evaluation by a doctor or a specialist in psychiatry. Before a diagnosis of mental health disorder is established, the doctor needs to ensure that the symptoms complained of are not caused by physical health problems or the effects of drug abuse or illicit substances. You are advised to consult directly with a doctor or psychiatric specialist so that evaluation and treatment can be carried out appropriately. The doctor will perform a systematic history about the history of complaints and related biopsychosocial factors, a comprehensive physical examination, and consider supporting examinations if an indication is obtained. It is hoped that the evaluation process series can be the basis for doctors in assessing your condition appropriately so that appropriate treatment can be given. Lay people are not recommended to make a self-diagnosis of symptoms experienced because generally only based on limited information on the internet and the truth can not be justified scientifically.

Your doctor can provide you with supportive counseling and psychotherapy that can help you manage stress, identify symptoms, plan realistic therapeutic goals, and control yourself when symptoms appear. If necessary, your doctor can also provide drugs that can help you feel more comfortable and help overcome illness.

As a suggestion, you are advised to be able to tell the symptoms experienced to the people closest to you who believe and believe can support therapy. Support from people closest to you is very successful in handling mental health problems. You are also encouraged to continue activities that you enjoy so that you can channel your feelings through positive things.

Thus information from us. May be useful.

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