Am I Infected With Covid?

Illustration of Am I Infected With Covid?
Illustration: Am I Infected With Covid?

excuse me doc, so Monday and then I went back to Jakarta from Cikarang to use krl. I use a mask. Around 2-3 days, my throat was itchy, like I wanted to “ahem” doc. itching doesn’t make me to cough “cough-cough ” so. I don’t feel my body has a fever, not a cold either. Does the covid sign have to have a fever first or what about the dock? I am increasingly worried because there are already positive regions in Binus .vid.

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Complaints of the throat feel itchy usually occur due to inflammation in your throat. Inflammation that occurs can be caused by various things including one of them a viral infection. But the symptoms of a viral infection are very similar to one another, including those for Corona virus infections. Although the main symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath, but when other symptoms arise or do not appear the main symptoms certainly do not rule out the possibility of being infected with the Corona virus. But you do not need to worry, of course it is necessary to do a thorough examination to establish the diagnosis of the infection, because the clinical symptoms that arise are not enough to be the basis for establishing a diagnosis, especially the clinical symptoms are not typical. For more details, you can read here.

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