An 18 Month Old Baby Will Not Eat At All.?

I want to ask my son 18 months ago, this 7 day that I can’t eat anything. Even if that person is forced into most of the two kids, the condition of my child is now pooping three times a day. On the back of the abdomen and the face comes out red when people look induced a week ago with a fever of 38 degrees. I have also taken it to the general practitioner’s clinic, we have to take anti-biotic vitamins and strong medicine for the appearance. Most babies just want to mimi with their mothers and drink water. For diarrhea, can I still believe it is OK? And laktobe? Thank you for your attention and answer.

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The cause of children having difficulty eating can vary greatly, one of which is due to improper eating patterns because parents force children to eat, so children can feel depressed, in fact children can also be like adults where their appetite can go up and down. several other possibilities, namely:
- foods that are not appropriate to the child's development, for example giving solid food when the child is not teething, feeding too many portions, giving food with a striking taste that has not been introduced little by little.
- reject new foods because babies feel unfamiliar with the taste or texture of the new types of food being introduced, when introducing new foods to babies, give them in small portions little by little.
- The child eats food that the mother considers not as food such as milk, snacks.
- discomfort in the body, for example when teething, canker sores, abdominal pain, fever, etc.
- other diseases

the symptoms of fever or diarrhea experienced can cause a decrease in appetite in infants, or because of a decrease in appetite so that the immune system can go down and cause disease. You have taken the right steps to check your child to the doctor to see his condition, preferably after the treatment is finished you return to control the doctor, so that the doctor can see its progress. If you still have complaints or there are other symptoms that have not improved, then you can consult your doctor so that further tests can be done and assess your child's condition whether it is dangerous for his condition or not.

A decrease in appetite is basically natural in children, because like adults, appetite can also go up and down depending on the conditions, but it will be dangerous if this goes on continuously so that the child's nutrition will be less and his immune system will fall so that he is more susceptible to attack disease. For that you need to face your child patiently and keep trying to find food that is liked by your child so that his appetite can return. some tips that might help restore his appetite:
- create a pleasant atmosphere when eating
- Avoid forcing the child to eat, so that he will feel stressed every time comes mealtime
- Avoid giving plenty of snacks between meals
- Feed the baby if asked, so do not be offered to drink milk continuously
- Vary the food menu
- and since your child has reached 18 months of age, start teaching food with an adult-like texture.

For the occurrence of diarrhea experienced by your child, it should also be directly checked by a general practitioner or pediatrician, because the causes of diarrhea can vary, both viruses, bacteria, due to food consumed, lactose intolerance or other things. For this reason, the treatment can be different, depending on the cause. Meanwhile, before going to the doctor you can give ORS or adequate fluid intake so that the child does not become dehydrated.

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