An 8-month-old Baby Accidentally Eats Lizard Feces?

Hello … The night my pediatrician was 8 months I accidentally found eating lizard droppings, indeed there were no visible symptoms, but I was worried about the danger to my child, please explain.

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Hello Beautiful,

Thank you for the question.

Lizard droppings are certainly not a safe substance if eaten because they can cause a variety of health problems, such as allergies, digestive disorders (usually characterized by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, colic), or many other potential side effects. The risk of these health problems can be greater if the one eating the lizard feces is a baby, whose immune system is certainly still weak.

Although indeed, not all babies who are eaten by lizard droppings will experience side effects as mentioned above. The potential severity of side effects can vary depending on how much dirt is being ingested. However, even if you don't see serious complaints, it's best not to let this happen again. Make the following efforts:

Make sure your baby only plays in a clean environment, also cleaned regularly, for example by being swept, mopped, and vacuumed
Don't let the baby play without adult supervision
Get rid of lizards in a good way, for example by putting pepper, tobacco, or onions in places that are often visited by lizards
Give your baby enough to drink and eat so they don't always eat what they see

If then you see a warning sign like the one above on your baby after swallowing lizard feces, you should immediately check it with the doctor or pediatrician to be given the right treatment huh ..

I hope this helps.

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