An Elbow That Cannot Be Bent After Falling A Few Years Ago?

Illustration of An Elbow That Cannot Be Bent After Falling A Few Years Ago?
Illustration: An Elbow That Cannot Be Bent After Falling A Few Years Ago?

, when I was 5th, I had fallen and my right elbow could not be bent. Finally it was taken to the masseur and could be normal again after 2 weeks. r nBut until now sometimes I feel pain in my right elbow. wrist. r nWhat was the effect of falling as a child huh? Even though it was 20 years ago? how to cure it? r nThank you

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Hi Amelia09,

Thank you for asking

Elbows that cannot be bent after a fall can indicate injuries to the elbow area, such as muscle pain, dislocation (shifting) of the elbow joint, broken arm bones, and so on. Depending on which condition you have experienced before, the complaint that you are experiencing right now can be related to the injury in the elbow that you are experiencing, or not. Ensuring, to what extent your injury has previously caused damage to the area of ​​your elbow, needs to be done by a physical examination directly by a doctor or assisted also by supporting examinations, for example x-rays, CT scans, and so on. Your actions massage the elbows that have previously suffered injuries you should not do, especially without first consulting a doctor. This action is very risky to cause damage to your elbows that occur after the injury actually getting worse and more difficult to cure.

As mentioned above, the pain (aching) felt in the elbow to the shoulder and right wrist that you are experiencing right now may be related to an injury to the elbow that you experienced before, maybe not. Some other possible causes that can also trigger complaints like this are:

Nerve clamps, often occur due to spinal injury, or infection and malignancy that pushes nerves in the spine

Arthritis, for example, which occurs associated with autoimmune disorders (rheumatoid arthritis), psoriatic arthritis
Neurotropic vitamin or mineral deficiency, for example vitamins B1, B6, B12, potassium, calcium, magnesium
Postherpetic neuralgia (nerve disorders after experiencing Herpes zoster pain)
Psychosomatic disorders, and so on

If the pain that you are experiencing at this time is very severe, you can check yourself directly to the doctor or neurologist so that it is clear exactly what conditions trigger the pain. Meanwhile, at home, you can also do natural treatments so that your complaints subside, for example by compressing the painful area with warm water, applying pain relief cream in the area of ​​the body that hurts, first resting the arm and shoulder that aches from excessive activity, and be more diligent in exercising and eating balanced nutritious food so that the healthy muscles and nerves around the arms are always well maintained. With proper handling, at your current age, you can often be cured without leaving a serious sequelae.

Hope this helps ...

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