An Explanation Of Early-stage Iron Deficiency Anemia?

Illustration of An Explanation Of Early-stage Iron Deficiency Anemia?
Illustration: An Explanation Of Early-stage Iron Deficiency Anemia?

Tonight, I want to ask what is the purpose of this result: Erythrocytes: microcytic hypochromic anisopoikilositosis ovalosit + moderate Leukocytes: the impression of a normal number, normal morphology, basophils 0%, eosinophils 0%, stems 2%, segment 52%, lymphocytes 40%, monocytes 6% Platelets: impression of normal number and morphology Impression: all microchytic hypochromic + ovalocytes Conclusion: suspected early stage iron deficiency anemia dd. All in chronic diseases Suggestions: SI, TIBC, FERITIN, SATURASU TRANSFERIN, FULL FESES + BLOOD SEMAR SGOT, SGPT, UREUM, CREATININCE (serum iron): 24 * Tibc: 534 * Thank you 🙏

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Anemia is defined as a decrease in the number of masses of red blood cells so that it cannot fulfill its function to carry enough oxygen to the tissues. Types of anemia are very diverse, including:

1. Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia
2. Aplastic anemia
3. Hemolytic anemia
4. Anemia in chronic diseases
5. Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is anemia arising from reduced supply
iron for the production of red blood cells. Bare metal reserves eventually result in reduced formation of hemoglobin. Causes of iron deficiency anemia include:

1. Iron loss as a result of chronic bleeding can originate from:
- Gastrointestinal: hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, colon cancer, hookworm infections, etc.
- Female genital tract: heavy or prolonged menstruation
- Urinary tract: urinating blood
- Respiratory tract: sputum bleeding
2. Nutritional factors due to lack of total iron in food,
3. The need for iron increases, for example during growth and pregnancy.
4. Impaired iron absorption

Common symptoms of anemia will begin to appear when hemoglobin levels are less than 7-8 g / dl. These symptoms are weak body, lethargic, tired quickly, dizzy eyes, and ringing ears. On physical examination, the patient was pale, especially on the skin, conjunctiva, and tissue under the nails.

To find out the type of anemia then a laboratory examination is performed. On examination of hemoglobin levels and erythrocyte index found hypochromic micrositer anemia with decreased levels of hemoglobin ranging from mild to severe. Examination of blood smears revealed hypochromic micrositer anemia, anisocytosis, poikilocytosis, target cells and pencil cells, while the levels of leukocytes and platelets were normal. Whereas from the examination of the iron panel, it was found that serum iron decreased, TIBC increased, saturation of transferrin decreased.

In your case the results of examination of peripheral blood smears, serum iron, and TIBC are consistent with suspicion of iron deficiency anemia. Then after the diagnosis is confirmed, then therapy is given to overcome iron deficiency by:

1. Causal therapy: depends on the cause of the symptoms and the results of additional tests on the suspicion of the cause, for example; hookworm treatment, hemorrhoid treatment, menorrhagia treatment. Therapy to overcome the absolute cause is done so that treatment is complete.
2. Giving elemental iron preparations to replace the lack of iron in the body for a period of time. Also given vitamin C supplementation which is useful to increase the absorption of iron in the intestine.

Furthermore, a social control needs to be done to assess the treatment response. Lakuka further consultation with the treating doctor for further treatment plans.

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