An Explanation Of The History Of Examining The Risk Of Sexually Transmitted Infections?

Illustration of An Explanation Of The History Of Examining The Risk Of Sexually Transmitted Infections?
Illustration: An Explanation Of The History Of Examining The Risk Of Sexually Transmitted Infections?

I have a disease Gram-positive stem = positive Gram negative rod = positive Gram positive Coccus = positive Gram negative stem = positive Is there any medicine please answer? …

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Having a history of examining the risk of sexually transmitted infections, where positive gram staining results in the form of gram-negative rods, gram-positive rods, gram-negative cocci and Gram-positive cocci, this condition is likely due to gonorhoeal germs, lactobacili, mobiluncus, porphyromonas, trichomanas, chlamydia or generally can be called a gonorrhea infection and non gonorrhea sexual transmitted disease. Furthermore, because each positive result is unknown of the type of bacteria that infects, so to ensure the type of infection of each bacterium found by gram staining, bacterial culture can be done. With bacterial culture, each type of bacteria can be identified so that it can also be known the sensitivity of the antibiotic that can be given.
If the gram picture of the bacteria is not continued with a culture examination, the treatment will be biased, the treatment is not optimal and the antibiotic sensitivity cannot be ascertained so that the treatment and cure are not optimal. Each of these bacteria has its own sensitivity to antibiotics. Further examination can help determine what antibiotics can be given, whether one type of antibiotic can be sensitive or need several types of antibiotics for its treatment.
Therefore, this complaint and the results of this examination should be immediately consulted directly to your doctor or a specialist on sex. This is necessary for interviews and direct examination of your clinical condition or the presence or absence of complications that may occur. Furthermore, the doctor will conduct further supporting examinations in accordance with the results of the evaluation. Thus, treatment can be given rationally. Because I did not do a direct examination on you, so I can not provide treatment for you, this is because there is no basic physical examination results, additional investigations and to prevent side effects. Only the doctor who treats you can provide prescription and treatment.
Going forward, several risk factors need to be prevented to prevent the risk of the same disease in the future, such as:
1. Avoid risky sex
2. Avoid sex outside sex
3. Avoid sex without knowing the health status of the opposite sex or partner
4. Perform routine checks to the doctor
Thus the info we can convey.

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