An Explanation Of The Results Of CT SCAN And Declared Tumors?

Illustration of An Explanation Of The Results Of CT SCAN And Declared Tumors?
Illustration: An Explanation Of The Results Of CT SCAN And Declared Tumors?

. A few months ago I experienced pain in the abdomen that penetrated to the back and often defecated. According to the results of the ultrasound, there is a tumor in the intestine. Then the doctor recommends for a CT scan. CT results. The scenes are as follows: 1. Liver: Normal size, regular surface, sharp tip. No visible vascular dilation or bile duct. Hyperdense lesions appear with hypodense lesions around the picture that gives a picture of bull’s eye in the right lobe. GB: walls do not thicken, regular mucosa. No visible rock / mass density3. Pancreas: parenchymal size and density are within normal limits. Bile duct dilation does not appear. Does not appear SOL4. Lien: Parenchymal size and density are within normal limits. Does not appear SOL5. Second Kidney: parenchymal size and density are within normal limits, PCS does not appear to be dilated, there is no visible stone / mass / cyst density. VU: Wall does not thicken, regular mucosa, no visible rock / mass density7. No free fluid density was seen in the bilateral peritoneal cavity and pleural cavity8. Intestinal loops normal impression loop9. No visible enlargement of abdominal paraaortic KGB10. Bone intact impression: 1. No apparent mass density in colon2. Solitary nodules in the right lobe of the liver are suspected metastases. My question is, is my disease caused by intestinal tumors based on ultrasound results or by tumors in the liver?

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Hello Jefrianda, thank you for the question.

Based on the CT-scan picture you wrote down, we can assume the following:

Other organs besides the liver are still within normal limits
No free fluid means that there is most likely no inflammation or infection in the abdominal cavity and chest cavity
No visible enlargement of the paraaortic KGB means there is no problem in the lymph nodes in the abdominal area
The bowel curve looks normal
It is not clear whether there is a tumor / mass growth in the colon
There is a mass in the liver that is suspected of metastasis

The doctor will likely perform additional examinations if it is felt the results from imaging are not enough to determine the diagnosis. Seeing the tumor directly can be done with a colonoscopy. But colonoscopy does not mean no risk. Possible risks are bleeding, infection, or intestinal tears. The doctor will consider the risks and benefits of doing the diagnosis. Regarding the possibility of mastastasis, it is difficult to know which one is the tumor origin and which is metastatic. To be able to know more clearly, doctors will generally do a biopsy and send tissue for anatomical pathology examination. Tumor cells will be seen under a microscope to find out whether it is malignant or not, then whether the type of tumor cells. Knowing the type of tumor cells can often help determine which is the original tumor.

The best thing now is to continue to consult with your doctor to find out the follow-up. While this keeps your diet in check, avoid preserved foods and factory-processed foods. Hopefully this information calms you down a little and hopefully you will soon get clarity about the diagnosis. Regards.

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