An Explanation Of The Results Of The CT Scan?

Illustration of An Explanation Of The Results Of The CT Scan?
Illustration: An Explanation Of The Results Of The CT Scan?

Hello. I just got a CT scan and because I was out of town I had not had time to see the doctor who treated me. The results show that: 1. r ngyri and sulci are not prominent r n2. firm cortex and medulla border r n3. no visible hypodens / isodens / hyperdense lesions in intracerebral or intracelebellar r n4. The ventricular system appears narrowed r n5. Structura mediana in the center r n6. Spn and cellulae mastoid are normal r nImpression: Overview of cerebral edema r nThere are no visible signs of mass or bleeding in the intracerebral and intracerebellar r nWhat does this mean? Are these results good or is there an abnormality in my brain? R nThank you

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The results of the CT scan that you show illustrate the characteristics of the findings seen by the expert who examined them, so that in fact the most important results are in their impressions or conclusions. To avoid explanations that are not well targeted, let us directly discuss the impression without reducing the information that is important to you.

So from the CT scan results, you are judged to have cerebral edema or brain swelling. This condition occurs due to a buildup of fluid in the brain and the symptoms can be dizziness, difficulty speaking, impaired mobility, numbness and nausea. In conditions that are quite severe, symptoms can even appear seizures, memory loss, and decreased consciousness.

This excess fluid condition can be triggered by various things, including:

Cerebral hemorrhage
Head injury
Air pressure drops at height
Infection of the brain and surrounding tissues
Tumors and brain cancer

Therefore, we suggest that you immediately return to the doctor who examined you beforehand to discuss if the cause that best describes your condition and what is the best treatment. Your doctor may ask you to perform other investigations to further narrow the possibility. Handling varies depending on the conclusions of the cause that your doctor takes later.

Meanwhile, to avoid worsening the condition, avoid smoking, do regular blood pressure and heart checks, limit physical activity and avoid stress and adequate rest. So, hopefully answering your question.

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